Be With! #103 Mailed Out, LIVE-GYM Plans Revealed

Posted on October 10, 2014 by Tobias in News

B'z official fanclub B'z PARTY has just informed its members that the latest Be With! issue has been mailed out and should be arriving in everyone's mailboxes shortly. Furthermore, a survey is conducted on the B'z PARTY website as LIVE-GYM plans are underway. Fans are asked which song they haven't heard live yet but would like to hear at an upcoming LIVE-GYM. In addition to that, fans are asked which song(s) they'd like to hear as an opening song or during the encore, or what song they'd like to listen to with their boyfriend/girlfriend, family, etc.

We'll bring you the latest information from Be With! #103 as soon as we get our hands on it.


B’z Warming Up in Okinawa For Pleasure 2013 Tour

Posted on June 10, 2013 by Tobias in News

B'z live in Nago. Source: B'z Facebook page

B'z has officially started their summer tour schedule with a SHOWCASE show in Nago (Okinawa)! This show, B'z SHOWCASE 2013 -Pleasure75-, is serving as a warm-up for the upcoming summer tour B'z LIVE-GYM Pleasure 2013 -ENDLESS SUMMER- that will be commemorating their 25th anniversary. For the curious: The "75" in the title represents the local, with "NA" representing "7" and "GO" representing "5".

In addition, we've gotten our first look at this season's tour goods. The goods, shown below, were on sale at the venue and will soon be available on B'z The Store.com. Expect a LOT more items to be unveiled when those for the LIVE-GYM tour are announced!

Please note: As we are going to attend B'z LIVE-GYM Pleasure 2013 -ENDLESS SUMMER- shows in Japan, we are not going to take a look at the setlists for the SHOWCASE show as well as upcoming shows. Therefore the setlists will not be published on the site or the wiki until the tour has come to an end. Please do look forward to detailed show reports from us!

Check out the tour goods after the break!


LIVE-GYM 2012 Kicks Off in San Francisco

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B'z has kicked off their seven stop tour LIVE-GYM 2012 -Into Free- last night at the Warfield in San Francisco. During the show, they premiered songs found on their first English album「B'z」.  In addition to that, the band performed a lot of classics from their catalog. One could say, that the set list has a certain PLEASURE Tour touch to it.

The audience was mainly comprised of Asian fans. If you're looking to catch one of Tak's guitar picks, we suggest you queue up early enough to get a spot close to the stage. Japanese fans tend to be at the venue very early. Also, if you're looking to buy merchandise, prepare to pay in cash just in case. Merchandise at the Warfield was cash-only.

Their next stop of the tour is tomorrow, September 19, at the Showbox SODO in Seattle. Followed by shows on September 20 in Vancouver, September 26 in Toronto, September 28 in Silver Spring, September 30 in New York with a final show on October 6 in Los Angeles at the Gibson Amphitheatre.


B’z LIVE-GYM 2012 -Into Free- Tickets On Sale NOW!

Posted on May 25, 2012 by Jd- in News

Tickets for all venues are on sale NOW! Below, we have direct links to access the venue of your choice—click on the location of your interest to see further information!

09.17  United States San Francisco, California — The Warfield

09.19  United States Seattle, Washington — The Showbox SODO

09.20  Canada Vancouver, British Columbia — Orpheum Theater

09.26  Canada Toronto, Ontario — Sound Academy

09.28  United States Silver Spring, Maryland — The Fillmore

09.30  United States New York, New York — Best Buy Theater

10.07  United States Los Angeles, California — Gibson Amphitheatre


B’z 2012 U.S. & Canada Ticket Sale Dates & Prices Announced!

Posted on April 18, 2012 by Jd- in News

The ticket sale dates and prices for all venues have been announced, along with direct links to access them for when the time comes! Click on the venue of your interest to see further information!

09.17  United States San Francisco, California — The Warfield

09.19  United States Seattle, Washington — The Showbox SODO

09.20  Canada Vancouver, British Columbia — Orpheum Theater

09.26  Canada Toronto, Ontario — Sound Academy

09.28  United States Silver Spring, Maryland — The Fillmore

09.30  United States New York, New York — Best Buy Theater

10.07  United States Los Angeles, California — Gibson Amphitheatre


C’mon Dome Tour Kicks Off In Fukuoka

Posted on December 4, 2011 by Tobias in News
The crowd at the Yahoo! Dome in Fukuoka

The first show of the LIVE-GYM 2011 C'mon Dome Tour has just wrapped up, and we have the set list right here for you. There have been a few changes, but nothing too major. I liked the fact that they threw in a few more rarely played songs. Changes made to the set list are marked as bold.

Check out the set list after the break!


Sales Break 80 Million Barrier, English Songs To Be Released?

Posted on August 9, 2011 by Tobias in News
B'z in 2011

B'z sales have been steady and strong, and even after almost 23 years, they still maintain a strong position in the charts. With the release of their new album "C'mon", which debuted at number 1 in the Oricon Weekly Chart with 272,397 copies sold, they've broken the 80 million barrier in terms of total sales. Their total sales now amount to about 80,600,000 albums and singles sold - a first in Japanese history. They are at the top in Japan, with Mr. Children (54.9 million) in second place and Ayumi Hamasaki (49.5 million) in third place.

Will B'z ever stop producing music? No. Read on for the full article.


B’z News Summary For the Past Days

Posted on July 6, 2011 by Tobias in News

Hello folks.
I'm sorry that I wasn't able to update OFF THE LOCK for a few days as I was sick and luckily recovered just in time to go to Berlin and see X JAPAN live on stage. It was pretty good :D
Before the concert, they distributed a survey and among the questions, there was one "What was the first band you listened to that got you into J-Rock?" and I replied with "B'z".
Let's hope that B'z makes it to Europe one day as well...

On to the news!
There have been quite a lot of good news the past days.

UStream Account indicates LA Performance will be streamed

An Account called PEPSINEX_LIVE has been spotted on UStream and it looks like they're testing the equipment for streaming the show right now. On the channel page it says " PEPSINEX_LIVE started broadcasting: B'z LIVE in L.A.(300Mbps) 1 days ago". And since the account is called Pepsi NEX... they might also stream the PEPSI NEX special performance on September 28th. Who knows? We expect official news in the next days. Stay tuned!

Source: http://www.ustream.tv/user/PEPSINEX_LIVE (Account was deleted I think, so I took screenshots)

B'z participating in Linkin Park secret concert in LA on August 31st

Linkin Park is inviting B'z to perform with them at their special secret concert. All you have to do is create a page at http://www.give2gether.com/projects/music-for-relief/, raise $500 for Japan with your page and get 2 tickets to the secret concert on August 31st!

C'mon full version is on air

The full version of C'mon is now broadcasted by radio stations across Japan. C'mon proves to be a good song, but it's far from hard-rock as you'd imagine. It's a song for a commercial after all. It does convince me with its bright melody and brilliant guitar solo (Tak :D). Look forward to listening to it!!

B'z performing at TV Asahi's Dream Festival

It was announced that B'z would be performing at the TV Asahi Dream Festival in Nippon Budokan on September 25th. A ticket costs 9,000 Yen and B'z will be performing at 3 PM. I couldn't find any information on whether it's on television or not, but I suppose it will be. :)

B'z guest in a radio show on J-WAVE

On July 18th, J-WAVE is hosting a special radio program called "J-WAVE HOLIDAY SPECIAL PEPSI NEX presents GO NEXT! GO SUMMER!". B'z will be there as a guest on the show. It will be broadcasted from 9AM to 5:55PM. I'll try to get you guys the B'z bit of the show :)


LIVE-GYM 2011 Tour Dates Announced

Posted on April 12, 2011 by Tobias in News

From the morning paper in Japan:

The title of the tour has yet to be determined. As the tour begins in September, we can deduce that the new album will be out in July/August. However, August is more likely as B'z second single, Don't Wanna Lie, is going to be released on June 1st.

Hall Tour

9/23 Sundome Fukui
9/24 Sundome Fukui
10/1 Marine Messe Fukuoka
10/2 Marine Messe Fukuoka
10/9 Kobe World Kinen Hall
10/10 Kobe World Kinen Hall
10/16 Toki Messe, Niigata Convention Center
10/22 Hiroshima Green Arena
10/23 Hiroshima Green Arena
10/27 Hokkaido Prefectural Sports Center - Kitayell
10/29 Hokkaido Prefectural Sports Center - Kitayell
10/30 Hokkaido Prefectural Sports Center - Kitayell
11/3 Saitama Super Arena
11/5 Saitama Super Arena
11/6 Saitama Super Arena

Dome Tour

12/4 Fukuoka Yahoo JAPAN Dome
12/10 Nagoya Dome
12/11 Nagoya Dome
12/15 Kyocera Dome Osaka
12/17 Kyocera Dome Osaka
12/18 Kyocera Dome Osaka
12/22 Tokyo Dome
12/24 Tokyo Dome
12/25 Tokyo Dome

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B’z LIVE-GYM 2010 “Ain’t no Magic” Logo & Support Members announced

Posted on November 4, 2009 by Tobias in News

The tour logo has been posted on B'z Official Website today:


I hope you all like it as much as I do. I think it's very original. Furthermore, support members have been announced along with revealing the logo:

Masuda Takanobu -- Keyboards
Barry Sparks -- Bass
Shane Gaalaas -- Drums

Ohta Shinichiro and Akihito Tokunaga are not on the dream team this time.