Tak Matsumoto New Album 「enigma」 Coming April 6th

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takenigmarlsTak Matsumoto has at long last revealed details regarding his forthcoming album 「enigma」. Following the reveal of its title and its rough release date on WOWOW's broadcast of this year's Grammy Awards, the full details have been released today. 「enigma」 is Tak Matsumoto's eleventh studio album and contains 14 original instrumental tracks. Additionally, a reworked version of the iconic 「#1090 ~Thousand Dreams~」 which served as the theme to TV Asahi's 「Music Station」 for years is included as a bonus track, making up for 15 tracks in total.

Among the 14 included original tracks are the previously untitled main theme to TBS' show「The WORLD Heritage」 titled 「Vermillion Palace」 as well as the previously untitled ending theme to the same show titled 「Mystic Journey」. Furthermore, the album includes the previously announced tie-in song 「Ups and Downs」 which serves as the theme to an upcoming Ukiyo-e exhibition in Tokyo.

The new album comes in two flavors: regular edition (CD only) or limited edition (CD+DVD or CD+Blu-ray). The limited edition includes the full live performance of the tour finale of Tak's 2014 solo tour 「Tak Matsumoto LIVE 2014 -New Horizon-」 at the BLUE NOTE Tokyo. The performance is available in standard definition (DVD) as well as high-definition (Blu-ray).

A special campaign to tie in with the release of Tak's new album is also planned and will be announced in the near future.

New Album 「enigma」 2016.04.06 release

Regular Edition: 2,800 yen / Limited Edition: 5,000 Yen


[Track list]

1. enigma
2. Vermillion Palace
3. Step to Heaven
4. Ups and Downs
5. Rock The Rock
6. Drifting
7. The Voyage
8. Hopes
9. Under The Sun
10. Dream Drive
11. The Rock Show
12. Roppongi Noise
13. Mystic Journey
14. enigma ~epilogue~
<Bonus Track>
15. #1090 ~Million Dreams~

CD & DVD / CD & Blu-ray Limited Edition:
Tak Matsumoto LIVE 2014 -New Horizon- at BLUE NOTE TOKYO

1. New Horizon
2. Take 5
4. Hana
5. Tokyo Night
6. Shattered Glass
7. Gakuseigai no Kissaten
8. Island of peace
9. That's Cool
10. Tsuki no Akari
11. Reason to be...
13. #1090
14. The Moment
15. Rodeo Blues

Koshi Inaba Giving Interview on 「ZIP!」

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Koshi Inaba has just announced that he will be guest on NTV's morning news program 「ZIP!」 on March 4th, 2016. He will most likely talk about his current live tour and about the recently announced live streaming of his tour finale through Hulu.

Via: B'z Official Website

B’z to Provide Theme Song to Detective Conan Movie 20

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Early morning newspapers as well as NTV news show "Oha!4" (see video above) have revealed that B'z will provide the theme song to the 20th Detective Conan movie 「The Darkest Nightmare」, which is scheduled to hit theatres on April 16th, 2016. The medium tempo rock ballad is titled 「Sekai wa Anata no Iro ni Naru」(The world will become your color) and B'z is quoted as saying "This movie focuses a lot on the darker parts of Conan's story and thus we made the theme song with a different feeling.". Series creator Gosho Aoyama further commented: "The movie is pitch-black and it depends on you what color your feelings are after you've seen the movie".

Furthermore, Tak Matsumoto will play the guitar part of the Detective Conan main theme in the movie. This marks the first time an artist gets to play the guitar part of the main theme.

A CD release for「Sekai wa Anata no Iro ni Naru」has yet to be announced. A full trailer featuring the movie's theme song has also been revealed today. You can check it out below.

「B’z LIVE-GYM 2015 -EPIC NIGHT-」 Release Message

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One day prior to official release 「B'z LIVE-GYM 2015 -EPIC NIGHT-」 has debuted on #1 in the general Blu-ray and on #2 in the general DVD daily ranking at Oricon. Furthermore, the band has as usual released a message for their fans to celebrate their latest release.


Tak Matsumoto Grammy Interview Now Subtitled

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At the recent 58th Annual Grammy Awards held in Los Angeles, Tak Matsumoto appeared during Japanese broadcaster WOWOW's live coverage of the event as a guest. Actor-musician Johnny Depp and Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry appeared in the preceding segment to promote their supergroup Hollywood Vampires and were photographed by the staff with Tak as he emerges for the interview.

Today, the full ten minute interview is now available to be viewed below, complete with subtitles.

「B’z LIVE-GYM 2015 -EPIC NIGHT-」DVD & Blu-ray Digest

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There's less than a week left until the release of B'z latest live tour「B'z LIVE-GYM 2015 -EPIC NIGHT-」 on DVD and Blu-ray. A digest video detailing all performances included in the release has today been made available on the band's official YouTube channel. We have mirrored it here for your viewing pleasure!

「Be With! Vol. 108」Tak Matsumoto Interview Summary

Posted on February 17, 2016 by Tobias in Translations

Translating all these interviews word by word takes a lot of time and effort, which has created a huge backlog on our part. To still keep you all updated with the latest information, we will from now on give you a quick summary of the most important points that have been made or revealed during each interview.

Be With! Vol. 108 was delivered to fanclub members in January 2016. The interview section is split up into "Tak Matsumoto" and "Koshi Inaba" interviews respectively. Both interviews were conducted at the end of November 2015.

Tak Matsumoto Interview

Tak was interviewed in his private studio in L.A., currently busy with recording. Below is a brief summary of what they talked about.

TV Asahi Dream Festival

- Enjoyed performing there very much
- Playing two versions of "ZERO" was Koshi's idea: playing one chorus in the way they played it during the "EPIC NIGHT" tour
- Didn't get to see the other artists as he was busy in his wardrobe
- Went to OZZFEST and saw 9mm Parabellum Bullet, Black Label Society, Hatebreed and BABYMETAL
- Wanted to see BABYMETAL and therefore went to OZZFEST; he liked BABYMETAL's performance very much

Fanclub Exclusive SHOWCASE

- Thought they had done a fanclub exclusive event before
- Was surprised that fanclub members remembered the lyrics to "hole in my heart" and "Naite Naite Nakiyandara"
- Would do such an event again if there was a plan to do it

New Songs For "The World Heritage"

- Made the ending theme first
- Producers of the show had a lot of requests regarding the main theme
- Hasn't decided on a title for the track yet
- Sometimes makes songs before deciding on a title; this seems to be the case here
- Jason Sutter on drums
- Juan Alderete on bass (also worked with B'z on "SUPER LOVE SONG" and "ACTION")
- Main theme for "The World Heritage" was recorded in L.A.
- Ending theme was recorded with Shane and Barry while on tour in Japan
- Akira Onozuka on piano

Song for Ukiyo-e Exhibition: "Ups and Downs"

- At the time he received the request, he had already finished all songs for the new album
- Decided to make one more song
- Thinking about putting that song on the new album as well
- Enjoyed working on the song as he also likes Ukiyo-e
- Recorded with Jason Sutter and Sean Hurley ("Kuroi Seishun" from "ACTION")
- Was looking for a drummer for next year's solo tour and wasn't sure about Jason Sutter, so he invited him to work on recording first
- Liked him as a person as well as his musical skills; Jason plays drums on over two-thirds of the new solo record

New Solo Album

- Didn't specifically choose to make a rock-style album; just makes what he wanted to do at the time
- He is self-producing the new solo album (compared to "New Horizon" with Paul Brown and Robert Williams)

Upcoming Solo Tour

- Two of his solo shows will be in big venues: Osaka Jo Hall and Nippon Budokan
- Thought something special could be done in bigger venues
- Unusual for instrumental performances to take place in big venues
- Will perform both new and old songs with a focus on the new album
- Fans will not get to see him sing

Private Time

- Went to see LOUDNESS in LA
- Saw American Football for the first time; Watched UCLA vs UC Berkeley in the stadium
- A friend, who is a sports eventmanager, invited him
- Was surprised that a football game can take 3-4 hours to finish although each quarter is only 15 minutes.

B'z Recording

- Still a secret what they are working on, but they are working on something
- As they promised, they will be back as B'z in 2016

「Koshi Inaba LIVE 2016 ~en III~」Tour Finale Live on Hulu Japan

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Koshi Inaba has today announced that the tour finale of his current live tour 「Koshi Inaba LIVE 2016 ~en III~」 will be broadcast live on Hulu Japan. Furthermore, the show will be available as video-on-demand until June 6th after its live broadcast. The live broadcast will only be viewable on PC, while the on-demand video will be viewable on all devices that Hulu supports.

The live broadcast begins on March 6th, 5PM Japanese time.

Source: Hulu

Tak Matsumoto New Album「enigma」 Coming in April!

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Tak Matsumoto Enigma Banner

Moments ago, Tak Matsumoto appeared as a guest during WOWOW's live coverage of the 2016 Grammy Awards being held in Los Angeles tonight. Prior to the segment, Tak was shown meeting with Joe Perry of Aerosmith and actor-musician Johnny Depp. Along with fellow rocker Alice Cooper, Depp and Perry recently joined together to form the supergroup Hollywood Vampires for which they appeared on the program to promote.

Tak Matsumoto Johnny Depp Joe Perry 58th Grammy Awards

During Tak's subsequent interview, the guitarist at last revealed more on his upcoming solo album that follows 2014's New Horizon. The album's title will be 「enigma」 and will be released at some point this April. Release details should be forthcoming in the very near future.

Tak Matsumoto Grammy WOWOW Appearance


Tak Matsumoto Tour Message Video & Setlist Request Results

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Tak Matsumoto's upcoming solo tour「Tak Matsumoto Tour 2016 -The Voyage-」 is set to kick off next month with a total of five dates that includes his first arena shows as a solo artist. These will take place at Osaka Jo Hall on April 24th and the Nippon Budokan on May 7th. Today, Tak released a short message teasing what audience members can expect from the show, which we have subtitled for you below:

Additionally, the results of the fan-request polling for the upcoming tour have also been revealed, with just over twenty songs coming in on the rankings. As mentioned in the above video, Tak expects to mix the majority of his as-yet-untitled new album due out this Spring with several of his older solo songs. The songs chosen by fans include several on which Tak provided vocals himself, from 1999's KNOCKIN' "T" AROUND. These include single "THE CHANGING" alongside album songs "SAKURA" and "Zero Yori Zero Kara". Naturally, most of Tak's best-known solo compositions made the list, including "#1090~Thousand Dreams~", "Hana", "Koi Uta", "GO FURTHER", and "SACRED FIELD".

Tak Matsumoto Tour 2016 -The Voyage- Song Request Results

* Denotes a tie with an adjacent song

1. “99”
3. #1090~Thousand Dreams~
4. Koi Uta [恋歌]
6. Hana [華]
10. Strings Of My Soul
11. Love Ya
12. Zero Yori Zero Kara [ゼロよりゼロから]
14. SPAIN *
15. Trinity *
16. Play It So Loud
17. Believin' you *
18. Long Distance Call *
20. Romeo & Juliet *
21. Theme from Fist of the North Star ~The Road of Lords~ *