「Tak Matsumoto Tour 2016 -The Voyage- at Nippon Budokan」Release Message

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Tak Matsumoto's recent solo tour 「Tak Matsumoto Tour 2016 -The Voyage-」 is finally out on DVD and Blu-ray! To commemorate the release, Tak has as usual released a message for his fans. Check it out below.


B’z Return with New Song 「Fukiarenasai」 in Shippuu Rondo Film

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After several quiet months on the B'z front spent in and out of the studio, the first of their latest efforts has finally been unveiled in the form of a new song entitled 「Fukiarenasai」 (フキアレナサイ, Blow Violently). The decidedly hard-rock number will serve as the theme to the new action-comedy film Shippuu Rondo which is due for release nationwide in Japan beginning November 26th. The first sample of the song may be heard in the film's trailer embedded below.

The movie is based on the novel by famed Japanese mystery writer Keigo Higashino and stars acclaimed actor Hiroshi Abe. Production on the film began in February and ran through mid April of this year. Of the project and its tie-in theme, B'z shared the following message:

Having read the novel Shippuu Rondo, which this movie is based on, while it is an action movie that has its extravagant and sometimes funny moments, the thing that stood out the most is that every character believes in their own way. The resulting conflicts are portrayed in great detail. We have made 「Fukiarenasai」 as the product of this state of mind overlapped with the fiercely dancing snow. Please enjoy the story along with its intense visuals.

Fukiarenasai」 itself does not yet have a release date but is expected to appear on the next B'z studio album alongside 「Sekai wa Anata no Iro ni Naru」.

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Tak Matsumoto on 「Music Station Ultra Fes」9/19

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TV Asahi's music program 「Music Station」 celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. On that occasion, a special edition of the show is being held on September 19th, dubbed 「Music Station Ultra Fes」. Tak Matsumoto is set to appear on the show and will possibly perform a rendition of 「#1090 ~Million Dreams~」, an updated version of the very same song, that has been used as the theme song for Music Station for years.

Tak will not be in the studio in Japan, but will be performing live from Los Angeles. Possibly because he is currently at work on the next B'z record.

B’z Joins Fight Against Ticket Scalping

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On August 23rd, a joint statement signed by 116 Japanese artists was released which strongly voices the need to prevent scalpers from selling concert tickets at a premium. The campaign's aim is to save the future of music, as ticket scalping hurts the industry and fans alike. Fans who want to buy tickets usually find that the tickets are already sold out because scalpers have already bought the remaining ones, only to resell them at a high price elsewhere.

B'z tickets are very hard to obtain because they are usually sold through ticket lotteries. Tickets in general sale are hard to come by, as well. As such, with every live tour, be it solo or B'z, Japanese auction sites are flooded with B'z fanclub tickets, although their resale is not allowed. Furthermore, general sale tickets are also sold for very high sums.

To counter this, B'z also recently started tightening measures, requiring photos of the attendees to be uploaded in the case of very exclusive concerts, such as the fanclub-exclusive SHOWCASE last year. Upon entry, the ticket holder will be identified and matched to the information stored in the system. This system may even someday be extended to the use of facial recognition software, as already employed by bands such as Arashi.

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Further New B’z Songs Found in JASRAC Database

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B'z New JASRAC Entries

New entries in the JASRAC database (short for Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers) may be giving us our next glimpse at what B'z may have in store for their upcoming album. The two new songs—like all other B'z songs listed—are attributed to Tak Matsumoto as composer and Koshi Inaba as lyricist and bear the titles "QUEEN OF MY SOUL" and "Gyakkyou ni Kujikeru na" (Never Waver in the Face of Adversity, 逆境にくじけるな). The entries are still new and lack a publishing entity, so they may be registered for tie-up promotions later instead of Being Publishing, or are simply tentative registrations.

This is not the first time in recent months a new B'z song was registered with the same official entity for governing song royalties in Japan. As previously reported, "Cost" (コスト) was also registered earlier this year, though it has yet to materialize in released form.

Koshi Inaba Digital Exclusive Single 「YELLOW」Now Available!

Posted on August 23, 2016 by Tobias in Koshi Inaba News

koshi_yellow_singleKoshi Inaba has just released his latest digital exclusive single 「YELLOW」 through digital music channels such as iTunes Japan, Mora and Dwango. The release comes after the song was announced in March, to be featured in the latest line of KOSE sun protection commercials. Ever since, the song has been reworked and has now been released in its current form.

Alongside the release of the single a stylish music video featuring Koshi in vectored out form from various live shows has been uploaded to the band's official YouTube channel. We have embedded the video for your viewing pleasure below!

Koshi is currently in Nashville, working on his new solo record with Stevie Salas. The solo record is expected to release in the Fall. A potential solo tour is planned for early 2017.

B’z Working on New Album with Juan Alderete, Jason Sutter

Posted on August 16, 2016 by Jd- in News
MAGIC Recording Ensemble

Tak Matsumoto, Chad Smith, Juan Alderete, and Koshi Inaba after the 2009 recording of MAGIC.

A recent and previously unreported blog post by noted bassist Juan Alderete confirms his involvement with a brand new B'z studio album. Longtime fans may recall Alderete's earlier stint in the studio with the band, during which he provided bass on a healthy number of ACTION tracks in 2007 and later three tracks for 2009's MAGIC. Most recently, he contributed to "Vermillion Palace" and "Step to Heaven" on Tak Matsumoto's solo album enigma.

Additionally, he mentions that Jason Sutter is also involved and will be providing drums on select tracks. Fans of Tak's recent live output and studio album may recognize the name. The former Foreigner and Marilyn Manson drummer most recently contributed to Tak Matsumoto's enigma and on all dates of the subsequent live undertaking, Tak Matsumoto Tour 2016 -The Voyage-.

Alderete also notes that he auditioned in 2001 for what would become B'z LIVE-GYM 2002 "GREEN ~GO★FIGHT★WIN~". Famed Mr. Big member Billy Sheehan eventually assumed the role for that tour, though Alderete had made quite the impression which lead to him being called in to provide bass on memorable album tracks "Junjou ACTION", "Ore to Omae no Atarashii Kisetsu", and "Isshinfuran" as well as both "Ichibu to Zenbu" and "DIVE" later. His role in the 2009 sessions alongside Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith was filmed and released as part of the documentary Magical Backstage Tour 2009.

No release date is currently known for the much-anticipated twentieth B'z album, though the normal gestation period for the band's sessions would suggest a release date of late 2016 or, more likely, early-mid 2017. It can also reasonably be expected that the pairing of Shane Gaalaas and Barry Sparks will appear on other tracks for drums and bass respectively and that "Sekai wa Anata no Iro ni Naru" will be included.

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「Tak Matsumoto Tour 2016 -The Voyage- at Nippon Budokan」 on DVD & Blu-ray 2016.09.21!!

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voyage_bdTak Matsumoto's latest live show 「Tak Matsumoto Tour 2016 -The Voyage-」 has finally been announced as a home video release! The release will feature the final show at the Nippon Budokan on DVD and Blu-ray, and will be out on 28th anniversary of the B'z debut: September 21st, 2016. Bonus content will feature two optional angles to the guitar spectacle for select songs:

  1. Stage View: Stage view allows viewers to experience the whole atmosphere and stage scene while taking in the music.
  2. Close-up View: Ever wanted to know how Tak plays his guitar? Well, now you can! Close-up view allows viewers to see Tak's fretwork up close for the entire song.


01. Dream Drive
02. enigma (+ STAGE VIEW)
03. Vermillion Palace (+ CLOSE-UP VIEW)
04. Step to Heaven
05. Koi Uta
07. Theme from Fist of the North Star ~The Road of Lords~ (+ STAGE VIEW & CLOSE-UP VIEW)

08. Theme from ULTRAMAN
11. 99
12. Wanna Go Home
13. Hopes
14. Under The Sun
15. Drifting (+ STAGE VIEW)

16. The Voyage (+ STAGE VIEW)
17. Mystic Journey
18. Ups and Downs (+ STAGE VIEW & CLOSE-UP VIEW)
19. enigma ~epilogue~ (+ STAGE VIEW)
22. #1090 ~Million Dreams~ (+ CLOSE-UP VIEW)


Koshi Lands #1 Spot on DVD and Blu-ray Chart for the First Time

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The recently released home video of Koshi Inaba's 2016 solo tour 「Koshi Inaba LIVE 2016 ~enIII~」 has gained the pole position on both the general DVD as well as the general Blu-Ray Oricon charts.

The home video release sold 12,000 copies on DVD and 23,000 copies on Blu-ray in its first week. Koshi's last solo home video release of "en-ball" only managed to score second place in the Blu-ray charts in its first week on sale. With the release of "enIII", this is Koshi's first home video release to be #1 on both DVD and Blu-ray charts.

Via: Oricon

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Be With! Vol. 110 Roundup

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As you've probably noticed, ever since Koshi and Tak had wrapped up their respective solo projects, it has been very quiet on the B'z front despite the announcement of a new song, "Sekai wa Anata no Iro ni Naru", which ties into the Conan franchise. The latest issue of the fanclub magazine, Be With! Vol. 110, was supposed to shed some light on their future plans and their current work, but no new information could be extracted from the interview.

Both say they are working on new music. Tak Matsumoto is very likely preparing new B'z songs, while Koshi is working on a solo project with Stevie Salas. In the interview, Koshi mentions he wasn't in the mood for work for quite a while, and didn't start working until after Golden Week in the beginning of May. He does not mention why, but the passing of his father on April 15th may be the cause of that. Said solo project may not come to fruition until Fall, with an announcement to be expected for September at the earliest. Another solo tour for early 2017 may also be thinkable for Koshi, depending on how well the record does, according to Salas.

Koshi's recently announced song 「YELLOW」 was, in fact, rushed to meet the deadline for the commercial, and Koshi has since reworked the lyrics to the song, as evidenced in the new version of the commercial. (old one for comparison)

As for Tak, he talked about his solo tour and the recent reveal of his 1959 Gibson Signature model. Gibson approached him last year, and asked him what he'd think if they made such a model for him. Tak gladly accepted. A Gibson employee visited Tak and took pictures of Tak's 1959 model from every angle and in great detail, so they'll be able to reconstruct it later. On the B'z front, Tak assures that he's working on something, but it may take some time before they can announce something. Koshi may even be working on his solo project and the new B'z project at the same time, as Koshi is in contact with Tak.

All in all, us B'z fans are expected to be patient for just a little longer! We'll keep you updated, of course!

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