“B’z SHOWCASE 2017 -B’z In Your Town-” Dates Announced!

Posted on April 25, 2017 by Tobias in B'z News

B'z has today announced their first B'z in Your Town SHOWCASE in eight years. Their last one dates back to 2009, in which they performed at eight venues as part of "B'z SHOWCASE 2009 -B'z In Your Town-". The -B'z In Your Town- SHOWCASE is not meant as a warmup gig for an upcoming tour, but is rather meant to bring B'z to remote locations to perform in small hall venues. As such, tickets are highly limited.

For the first time, there will be two rounds of ticket lotteries: Fanclub exclusive and CLUB-GYM exclusive. The fanclub exclusive ticket lottery will accept entries from May 1st to May 15th, while CLUB-GYM members can enter the CLUB-GYM exclusive ticket lottery from June 1 to June 11. Results of the ticket lottery are to be announced on May 23rd for fanclub members and June 17th for CLUB-GYM members.

B’z SHOWCASE 2017 -B’z In Your Town-

SS Ticket (Fanclub only): 14,000 Yen
S Ticket: 10,000 Yen
Standing (CLUB-GYM only): 10,000 Yen

July 13 — Kumamoto Prefectural Theater
July 18 — Shunanshi Bunka Hall
July 20 — Fukuyama Hall of Arts and Culture Reed & Rose (Big Hall)
July 22 — Tsuyama Cultural Center
July 23 — Toyonaka Performing Arts Center (Big Hall)
July 26 — Biwako Concert Hall (Big Hall)
July 28 — Honda no Mori Hall
August 1 — Hachinohe City Public Hall (Big Hall)
August 3 — Sakura Hall
August 7 — Tomakomai City Hall
August 9 — Wakannai Cultural Center

New B’z Countdown Set to Upcoming Tuesday

Posted on April 22, 2017 by Tobias in B'z News

Two weeks following the initial reveal of B'z making an appearance at the RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL 2017 for the first time, the second countdown has finally been given an exact date to count down to: April 25th, 2017 at noon. The date seems to coincide with the announcement of the first wave of artists performing at the WILD BUNCH FEST 2017. WILD BUNCH FEST takes place on August 19 and 20 at the Yamaguchi Kirara Memorial Park — one week after their appearance at the RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL 2017.

Two further random countdowns have been added to the website's splash page, teasing two upcoming announcements.

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“Club-Gym” Website Information Revealed

Posted on April 7, 2017 by Tobias in B'z News

Just this moment, more information on the alleged "CLUB-GYM" was released. It is, in fact, not a tour of some sort, but rather a website, which dedicates itself to bring information to people who would like to know more about B'z, or haven't been able to go to a show because tickets were sold out.

This includes information such as where and how to obtain tickets as well as information on upcoming performances, releases and live tours. The website will provide an e-mail newsletter containing said information.

The start date of the "Club-Gym" website is to be announced soon.

The "Club-Gym" is different from the official fanclub B'z PARTY, which is meant for people who want to support B'z. Perks such as fanclub-exclusive events, ticket lotteries and a chance to meet&greet with the band are exclusive to members of B'z PARTY.

Source: http://bz-party.com/clubgym/information

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B’z to Appear at RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL 2017 in EZO

Posted on April 5, 2017 by Tobias in B'z News

It has just been revealed that B'z will appear at the RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL 2017 to be held in Hokkaido at a special outdoor site of the Tarukawa Wharf in Otaru city near Sapporo. The festival is to be held on August 11th and August 12th, 2017. The day B'z is going to be performing will be announced in the near future.

Fans have expected more of the first announcement, but it clearly shows that B'z is gearing up for a couple of live shows this year! As for the CLUB-GYM, dates are probably going to be announced with the B'z PARTY website renewal, which has now been pushed back. The renewed website is now set to go live sometime between mid and end of April. Further information is expected to come with the new Be With! issue coming in the next weeks.

B’z Activity Launch Countdown Started

Posted on April 4, 2017 by Tobias in B'z News

Just this Monday at noon, officials over at Vermillion Records have updated B'z Official Website to show a countdown instead of the previous "introduction movie". The countdown is set to reach ZERO this Wednesday, April 5th at noon in Japan. At the same time, further information on upcoming B'z activities should be revealed. Most notably, more light could be shed on the upcoming CLUB-GYM that has been hinted at on the fanclub website B'z PARTY for some time now. The renewed B'z PARTY website is also expected to go live at the same time.

As for information on upcoming singles or a possible album, fans have been speculating if the "01" at the top of the countdown has any meaning as to whether this is the first of several announcements to come. Check back here on Wednesday to not miss a single bit of news on upcoming B'z activities!

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B’z Official Website Renewal & CLUB-GYM Hints

Posted on March 21, 2017 by Tobias in B'z News

In anticipation of upcoming B'z activities, B'z Official Website's design has received an overhaul and now features a more modern design language. It is now much easier to view the website on smartphones as well!

The "TOUR/TICKET" link on the renewed website reveals something interesting: It points to "bz-party.com/clubgym/", which presents a "COMING SOON!!" page. This could mean that B'z will announce a CLUB-GYM soon. The last time B'z conducted a CLUB-GYM tour was in 1989, dubbed "BAD-CLUB-GYM". However, this time, the tour may actually be a fanclub member exclusive tour. More details will probably be revealed once the renewed B'z PARTY website has gone live.

B’z New Song “Still Alive” Announced As TBS Drama Theme

Posted on January 15, 2017 by Jd- in B'z News, Videos

In a surprise announcement, it has been revealed in its first airing that a brand-new, previously-unheard B'z song entitled "Still Alive" will soon be serving as the theme to the new TBS medical drama A LIFE ~Itoshiki Hito~. The drama stars well-known actor and singer Takuya Kimura of SMAP fame. In commemoration of the announcement, B'z also released a message about its creation:

We started working after having received an offer for the theme song. We also took the chance to talk with the drama's production team. After some trial and error, we were able to produce a track we were content with. We'd be glad if this song contributed to the atmosphere of the drama.B'z

This is the second time B'z have contributed to a Kimura-starring drama. In 2000, one of the band's best-known singles in "Konya Tsuki no Mieru Oka ni" accompanied Beautiful Life which went on to sweep the Television Drama Academy Awards for the year and net B'z a win for Best Theme Song.

Whether the song will be released as a digital exclusive single in the near future or issued as a physical release has not yet been announced. In the meantime, check out "Still Alive" as it aired during the first episode today!

B’z New Years Message 2017: New Material in the Works to Follow Solo Projects!

Posted on January 2, 2017 by Tobias in B'z News

We at OFF THE LOCK wish everyone a happy new year! Per usual, B'z have released a message for their fanclub members to celebrate the beginning of a new year. It appears that this year we'll be able to look forward to a new B'z album! But first, Tak and Koshi will be embarking on their solo collaboration projects. On September 21st, 2017, B'z will celebrate their 29th anniversary since their formation in 1988, and enter their 30th year as a band. For sure, preparations for the 30th anniversary Pleasure 2018 tour are already underway and will be announced around that time.

Check out the subtitled video below for more details!

B’z Digital Exclusive Single 「Fukiarenasai」 Available Now!

Posted on November 22, 2016 by Jd- in B'z News, News


With this weekends's release of the Shippuu Rondo film for which it serves as a theme, there is no better time for the band to release 「Fukiarenasai」 (フキアレナサイ, Blow Violently) to the masses—and they've done just that! The song, envisioned as a winter version of "ultra soul" as requested by the film's producers, was announced in September and previewed in a trailer for the film, but with the band's impending solo activities, fans were unsure when it would see a proper release. After the comparatively late release of 「Sekai wa Anata no Iro ni Naru」 when it came to digital form last month, it was unknown if B'z would be experimenting with further digital releases in the future. With today's release of  「Fukiarenasai」 on iTunes Japan and all digital music platforms in the country, we now have our answer.

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B’z Digital Exclusive Single 「Sekai wa Anata no Iro ni Naru」 Available Now!

Posted on October 3, 2016 by Tobias in B'z News


Amidst Koshi's solo efforts and the recent tie-in B'z song announcement「Fukiarenasai」 comes a surprise: 「Sekai wa Anata no Iro ni Naru」 as a digital-only single! This marks the first time a Japanese song by B'z was released exclusively in digital form. The Detective Conan movie theme song and current  Detective Conan anime series opening song 「Sekai wa Anata no Iro ni Naru」 is available now on digital music services such as iTunes Japan for 250 Yen.

This release comes at a very strange timing, only allowing us to speculate why B'z have not released this song earlier, if they considered releasing it in digital form. The best time to release the song in digital form was while the movie was fresh in theatres. Instead, they chose to release it to tie it in with the upcoming release of the Detective Conan movie on DVD & Blu-ray originally slated for a October 5th release, but got delayed to October 26th due to production issues. Furthermore, this suggests that 「Sekai wa Anata no Iro ni Naru」 will not be collected on the next B'z album or physical single, and was released in digital form such as to save on marketing efforts and the like.