B’z Wiki Now Features Complete Coverage of All 52 Singles

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Wiki Update

After years of work, an integral part of the B'z Wiki has been completed. Today, we have published eleven new articles which means, at long last, articles for all 52 B'z singles are now completed!

This project was especially difficult because of the language barrier involved. Hours of research into a base article can in turn lead you down a rabbit hole attempting to track down the origin of one solitary comment. Prior to the B'z Wiki and associated efforts, virtually none of this information was available in English. These 52 articles total over 60,000 words—approaching the length of a proper novel—and attempt to offer something new for even the most seasoned B'z veterans.

All told, the breadth of the band's career and the litany of releases to cover has made this an especially daunting task, but today, that is no longer a concern—the long-promised singles pages are now completed!

For those that have browsed the Wiki for such information before, here are the most recent articles you may have missed:

Additionally, in commemoration of this milestone, read on for 52 facts about the 52 singles that you may or may not yet know!

The B’z Wiki Has A New Home: BzWiki.com

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B'z Wiki new Domain

The B'z Wiki, the most complete English resource for B'z online, now has its own domain at www.bzwiki.com! We are constantly adding new content, articles, translations, interviews, and transcriptions to the wiki and will always attempt to keep it as up to date as possible. If you are a fellow fan and wish to help out, send an e-mail to offthelock.com -at- gmail.com to sign up for an account.

For some of the articles you may have missed, check out some of the ones below that are available for viewing right now:

  • B'z Unreleased Works — A complete list of all unreleased songs, demos, alternate versions, and live shows that never received proper releases
  • B'z Songs by LIVE-GYM — An exhaustive list of every B'z song ever performed live, along with the total amount of performances for each song and during exactly which tours each performance took place
  • B'z Home Videos — Listing of all B'z home videos as well as their contents, including every setlist and in every format each was ever issued
  • B'z Television Appearances — A comprehensive list of B'z appearances on television dating all the way back to their first in 1989
  • B'z Sales Records — List of all sales totals for B'z albums, singles, and home videos, along with various accolades and achievements scored by the band
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New Article: 「FIREBALL」 Added to B’z Wiki

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It's time for another B'z Wiki update, and this one for one of the band's more unique singles: FIREBALL. This, the band's twenty-second single, was released in 1997 and is one-of-a-kind, as for this release, B'z did not use computers or synthesizers to develop the sound of the two included tracks.

Click here to read the full article!

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New Article: 「girigiri chop」 Added to B’z Wiki

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A long-requested article has finally found its way onto the B'z Wiki! This latest update is for the band's twenty-sixth single, "girigiri chop", released in 1999. The song was coupled with a B-side that would go on to comparable popularity—both of which were featured in the Detective Conan anime franchise in the year of release.

Click here to read the full article!

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All Song Samples Now Available on the B’z Wiki

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Have you ever been reading the B'z Wiki and wanted to hear the song you were reading about? Maybe as a reminder or as your first exposure, or even just to hear an old favorite one more time? Well, now you can! After a great deal of work and experimentation, you can now sample each and every B'z song on all of their works! Check out the Track Listing section on any page to test it out. For some quick links, give it a chance on any of the pages below:

English Album

New Horizon


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「New Horizon」 Wiki Article Now Completed!

Posted on May 1, 2014 by Jd- in Website News

Our full B'z Wiki article is now available for Tak Matsumoto's brand new studio album, New Horizon! Every facet of the album is covered, from the origins of the tracks to the supporting members involved. Come give it a read to learn more about Tak's latest work!

Upcoming Changes to OFF THE LOCK

Posted on January 2, 2013 by Tobias in Website News

Hello B'z fans!

We are currently working on restructuring the site and, of course, want to offer you more content. As B'z 25th anniversary is coming up and tour dates are going to be announced soon, we want to ensure that you'll be able to grab tickets to one of those shows if you can afford it. Yes, that means we'll show you how to sign up for the fanclub – B'z Party! Additionally, to ensure that you'll show up dressed as a B'z fan, we'll show you how to order merchandise from B'z the Store!

But that is not all... we're going to provide more interview translations and backstage reports in the near future. And subtitled videos as well! We will also be looking for dedicated B'z fans who can help us extend the wiki and help with translations. Look forward to that, too.

To kick off our celebrations for the 25th anniversary... I'm sure you've already checked out the picture of the new 2013 calendar... Awesome, right? Head to the Wallpaper section which can be found under Media of this site to grab it in high quality!

Keep on rockin'


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2013 B’z Calendar

Posted on January 2, 2013 by Tobias in Website News

Just in time for the new year, I have received the new B'z calendar 2013 from B'z Party! As with previous editions of the calendar, there are two versions of it: a monthly one and a weekly one. The monthly one is the larger version which is hung on a wall. I ordered the monthly version just like the past years. But this time, they spiced up the calendar! Compared to the previous edition, the 2013 is much larger in size. Unfortunately, that means it won't fit into my scanner anymore and thus have to resort to taking pictures of it.

The cover of the 2013 calendar

The cover of the 2013 calendar

The pictures for the 2013 calendar were shot in California during their 2012 North American tour. Also, for the first time, Shane and Barry have joined Tak and Koshi for the photoshoot. The four are on just one picture, though. Look forward to seeing it! I won't tell you which month. 😉

Size comparison: 2012 calendar vs. 2013 calendar

Size comparison: 2012 calendar vs. 2013 calendar

You can now take a look at the picture for January. We are starting out with a very cool picture! Enjoy!

B’z Net Party Closing Down

Posted on September 14, 2012 by Tobias in Website News

A couple of readers have been wondering what happened to B'z Net Party ‒ the forum for B'z fans. We've been monitoring the activity on B'z Net Party for several months and have come to the conclusion that the forum isn't really being frequented anymore. Therefore, we decided to shut it off as maintaining it meant a lot of work. For the time being, if you would like to talk to fellow B'z fans, your best option is to participate in our community on Facebook:


We would like to express our gratitude to Keen, who has been running a formidable B'z fansite as well as the original B'z Net Party. Without her, the international B'z community wouldn't be what it is today. And we believe that a lot of people wouldn't even know that much about B'z without her site.

B’z Calendar For Everyone

Posted on January 31, 2011 by Tobias in Website News

As you may have noticed, on the right side, there is now the official B'z calendar for everyone. I will take a picture of mine every month and update it accordingly. You can click on the image to view it in full size. I apologize for the bad quality, but I'm sure you still like it since you can finally see it right? 🙂

If you have any advice on properly photographing the calendar... be sure to post them in the comments! I'd love to know how to take better pictures of this. I especially struggle with lighting conditions as I don't want to use the flash because it will reflect on the calendar, showing a bright spot.