[UPDATE] Tak Matsumoto Provides 2 Songs for Documentary TV Show

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Tak Matsumoto has announced that he will provide the opening and ending themes to the TBS show "The World Heritage", which receives an overhaul commemorating its 20th anniversary. The first broadcast is scheduled for October 4th, 2015 at 6 PM Japanese Time.

While Tak Matsumoto has written themes for TV shows such as "Music Station" or "Sport!" in the past, this is the first time that Tak has written a song for a documentary show. The song titles as well as a release date for these two songs has not been revealed yet.

[UPDATE 10/2]
A short movie featuring Tak's new song has been posted on B'z official YouTube channel!

You can check out a very short portion of the opening theme song in the TV commercial below.


「Young Guitar」 Slash & Tak Talk Summary

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Tak Matsumoto and Slash on the cover of the February issue of「Young Guitar」

Tak Matsumoto and Slash on the cover of the February issue of「Young Guitar」

I finally got around to posting about the Tak and Slash interview published in the 「Young Guitar」 magazine today! But let's make one thing clear first: They did not announce a collaboration or something along those lines. But perhaps we will see one in the future, who knows? The article starts by explaining that Tak and Slash have a lot in common: They have their own Gibson Signature Models, they have won a Grammy Award, they both released a number of no.1 albums, ... So it was about time that the two sat down for a proper talk. As it turns out, they have even more in common!

Find out more after the break!


Tak Matsumoto & Slash On「Young Guitar」Cover & Special Feature

Posted on January 1, 2015 by Tobias in News
Tak Matsumoto and Slash on the cover of the February issue of「Young Guitar」

Tak Matsumoto and Slash on the cover of the February issue of「Young Guitar」

With the beginning of the new year, it has been revealed that the February issue (out January 10th) of the Japanese guitar magazine「Young Guitar」will feature Tak Matsumoto and Slash together on the cover. The special issue for the new year includes a special talk session with both guitarists! You can order the magazine at CDJapan right here: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/NEOBK-1753749.
Don't trust the cover displayed there, it's a placeholder as they haven't updated the page yet!

We will post about it as soon as we get ours!


Tak Matsumoto Provides Guitar Solo For Taiwanese Movie Theme Song [Update: Music Video]

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Tak Matsumoto is providing the guitar solo part for the theme song to the upcoming Taiwanese movie "Second Chance", set to come into theatres on November 7th in Taiwan. The theme song is called "9 Ball" and is composed and written by Taiwanese band MayDay's guitarist. Lyrics have also been changed to fit the theme of the movie. MayDay's guitarist MONSTER, who is a big fan of Tak Matsumoto, went to Japan and invited Tak to play the solo for the theme song. The music video to the theme song can be seen below!


Tak Matsumoto Sighted At X Japan MSG Gig

Posted on October 22, 2014 by Tobias in News

Visual Kei band X JAPAN has recently performed at the Madison Square Garden in New York, and Tak Matsumoto attended the show, taking a seat in the VIP section of the venue along with GLAY's Takuro. A picture surfaced on Twitter showing Tak Matsumoto and Yoshiki doing the X pose.



Tak Matsumoto Appears As Guest On Bayfm Special Program

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While we're still waiting for some news from B'z, Vermillion has announced that Tak Matsumoto will be guest on bayfm's 25th anniversary special program. On the show called "POWER OF RADIO SPIRITS", Tak Matsumoto will have a talk with music critic Masa Ito. The show is broadcasted live on bayfm on September 30th from 9PM to 10PM Japanese Standard Time. The contents of the talk have not been revealed. They just call it a "special talk".


Tak Matsumoto「New Horizon」Scheduled For September 9th Release?

Posted on June 28, 2014 by Tobias in News

As we previously reported, Amazon.com listed Tak Matsumoto's「New Horizon」for a July 8th release in the U.S., however, Amazon.com now lists it slated for a September 9th release. Official confirmation has yet to surface as 335 Records lists the album as "coming soon" on their website. I did some further digging, and also found a possible track list for the U.S. version on CDUniverse.

Light of the Moon should be an English translation of「Tsuki no Akari」, but we are not sure if「Once Upon A Love」is the English title for「Gakuseigai no Kissaten」, or if it's a completely new track exclusive to the U.S. version.

Possible track list for the U.S. release:

01.Take 5
02.New Horizon
03.Feel Like a Woman Tonight
04.Rodeo Blues
05.Island of Peace
06.That's Cool
07.Shattered Glass
08.Light of the Moon
09.Reason To Be...
10.Black Jack
11.Once Upon a Love


Tak Matsumoto To Perform On「Music Station」6/6

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It has just been announced that Tak Matsumoto will be performing on next week's rendition of「Music Station」. As with Koshi Inaba, Tak's last solo performance on「Music Station」dates back 10 years to August 13th, 2004 when he performed「THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH」with his supergroup Tak Matsumoto Group (TMG). On next week's「Music Station」, Tak is going to perform「New Horizon」from his new album「New Horizon」as well as「#1090 Sen Mu Ichiya」, which has been the theme song to「Music Station」since 1992.

Said episode of Music Station airs June 6th, 2014 at 8PM Japan Time on TV Asahi.


Tak Matsumoto LIVE 2014 -New Horizon- Tour Merchandise Available In B’z The Store

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Have you been craving to get that nice looking tour shirt? Well, now you can! The merchandise for Tak Matsumoto's on-going tour, Tak Matsumoto LIVE 2014 -New Horizon-, has been added to the official online store, B'z The Store.


TM Network’s Naoto Kine Confesses He Couldn’t Play Guitar, It Was All Tak Matsumoto

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On a variety show that aired on Japanese channel MBS last night, TM Network's Naoto Kine confessed that during the first years of the band, he couldn't play guitar at all. TM Network rose to fame with their hit song "GET WILD" which was released in 1987. Kine was originally a keyboardist, but so was Kimuro Tatsuya. At the time of TM Network's major breakthrough, there was no need for two keyboardists in the band, so Kine was told to play guitar for the band instead. Kine hasn't had any experience playing an electric guitar and has only played acoustic guitars so far.

Due to his lack of skill, it wasn't him who was playing guitar for the band, but it was Tak Matsumoto who joined TM Network as a supporting musician before founding B'z with Koshi Inaba in 1988. Kine would just pretend to play guitar during performances, while Matsumoto would provide the actual sound.
"When Tak left TM Network and started his own band, I practiced playing the guitar very hard", he added. Tak Matsumoto used to be Kine's guitar double for 4-5 years before Matsumoto started B'z. Matsumoto even took over Kine's parts during recording.

Source: 木根尚登はエレキギター弾けなかった…B’z松本が影武者だったと告白 (デイリースポーツ) - Yahoo!ニュース