Epiphone Announces The Release Of New ‘Epiphone Tak Matsumoto DC Custom’

Posted on December 21, 2009
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Japan’s most famous guitarist, and beloved guitarist of B’z, Tak Matsumoto, has finished creating just another new guitar(after introducing the new Gibson Tak Matsumoto DC Custom models), but this time it’s for Epiphone, which is part of Gibson, just that Epiphone’s guitars aim for customers with lower budgets.

The “Epiphone Tak Matsumoto DC Custom” will go on sale exclusively in Japan on December 25th, 2009 and will be priced at 122,850 Yen (about $1100).

Taken from Epiphone’s Website:

Epiphone Announces the Release of the New Epiphone “Tak Matsumoto Signature DC Custom”Coming Out On Christmas Day Exclusively in Japan

Tokyo, Japan-December 18, 2009. Leading guitar maker Epiphone announces the release of the new “Epiphone Tak Matsumoto Signature DC Custom” available exclusively in Japan on December 25th 2009. Tak Matsumoto is one of the Japan’s leading guitarists and a member of the popular rock band B’z.


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