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Koshi Inaba LIVE 2023 ~en3.5~ Support Members & Live-Stream Info

Posted on January 29, 2023
Koshi Inaba News

Koshi Inaba will hold his first pair of solo concerts ever since the pandemic started. Titled “Koshi Inaba LIVE 2023 ~en3.5~“, the tour will encompass two shows at Yokohama Arena on February 1 and 2, 2023. The title seems to indicate that the shows are a step towards an upcoming ~en4~ including a new solo album.

The show on February 2 will actually be live-streamed and I’d like to emphasize that the stream will be available world-wide! (except China, Russia and North Korea) Tickets can be bought through pia. They have added an English page for overseas customers. There you can enter your details and pay by credit card. Rest assured, foreign credit cards are accepted!

Be aware: If you can’t watch the show live, the archived stream will only be available for one day – until February 3, 23:59 Japanese Time.

Support Members Announced

Furthermore, the supporting band members have been announced:

Drums: Hideya Suzuki (JEN) from Mr. Children
Bass: Akihito Tokunaga
Guitar: DURAN
Keyboards: Sam Pomanti

Koshi Inaba Digital Single “BANTAM” Out Now!!

Posted on January 29, 2023
Koshi Inaba News

On January 28, 2023 Koshi Inaba has released a new digital single titled “BANTAM“. The single is available through streaming services world-wide and will be featured as the ending theme to the Japanese TV show “Sukkiri“. A music video to tie in with the release was posted on YouTube as well.

“BANTAM” premiered first during Koshi’s solo concert “Koshi Inaba LIVE 2023 ~en-eX~” at Club eX on January 27 in Shinagawa, Tokyo. The single was produced by Koichi Tsutaya, who also produced a number of Japanese artists such as Yuzu, ayaka, JUJU and back number.

Lyrics can be found in our B’z Wiki!

Ticket Details For B’z LIVE-GYM Pleasure 2023 -STARS- Announced

Posted on January 15, 2023

As the ticket lottery for Vermillion Card holders (fanclub only) starts today, further details regarding the ticket tiers have been announced. In addition to the fanclub-exclusive SS-seat category, a new fanclub-exclusive ticket category will be added: Premium Seat. Furthermore, a new fanclub-exclusive seat category (similar to S-seat) was added for Vermillion Card holders: VC-seat. A VC-seat is essentially the same as S-seat.

In addition to a very good seat in the SS-seat category, you will get exclusive merchandise with a Premium Seat:
– A special pass including neck strap for the premium category
– A -STARS- memorial medal in an acryl case
– A -STARS- memorial design tapestry
– A Mini tote bag

The below image shows the different seating layouts:

Ticket prices at a glance:
Premium (fanclub only): 29,000 Yen
SS-seat (fanlcub only): 16,000 Yen
VC-seat (Vermillion Card only): 12,000 Yen
S-seat: 12,000 Yen
A-seat: 9,000 Yen
Standing: 12,000 Yen (Ehime, Fukui and Okinawa shows only)

B’z LIVE-GYM Pleasure 2023 -STARS- Tour Schedule Announced

Posted on January 1, 2023

Beginning with the new year B’z have announced the schedule for their upcoming 35th anniversary tour B’z LIVE-GYM Pleasure 2023 -STARS-. The tour kicks off on June 17th, 2023 at the Saga Arena in Saga. After hitting a few hall shows, the band moves on to stadium-grade shows such as Ajinomoto Stadium (Tokyo), Nissan Stadium (Yokohama), Sapporo Dome (Sapporo) before the tour concludes in Osaka at the Yanmar Stadium Nagai. Oddly enough, this time around the tour does not end with a big show at the Nissan Stadium or Ajinomoto Stadium.

Fans can assume a SHOWCASE will also be announced shortly before the tour officially kicks off.

Early fanclub lottery (Vermillion Card holders) will begin on January 15, with results being announced on January 26. The “official” fanclub lottery will start on January 18 with results announced on February 10. The Club-Gym lottery (available to everyone) will start February 13. If you’re looking for the general availability of tickets, this will be from June 3.

As with B’z latest album tour in support of their album “Highway X”, tickets will be only available as digital tickets due to Corona precautions. Fanclub members will receive a printed memorial ticket afterwards.

Further information such as ticket prices will be provided on January 15th.

B’z LIVE-GYM Pleasure 2023 -STARS- Tour Schedule

June 17, 2023 – Saga Arena
June 18, 2023 – Saga Arena
June 24, 2023 – Hiroshima Green Arena
June 25, 2023 – Hiroshima Green Arena
July 1, 2023 – Ehime Prefecture Budokan
July 2, 2023 – Ehime Prefecture Budokan
July 8, 2023 – Aichi Sky Expo Hall A
July 9, 2023 – Aichi Sky Expo Hall A
July 15, 2023 – Sekisui Heim Super Arena
July 16, 2023 – Sekisui Heim Super Arena
July 22, 2023 – Sundome Fukui
July 23, 2023 – Sundome Fukui
July 29, 2023 – Ariake Arena
July 30, 2023 – Ariake Arena
August 5, 2023 – Okinawa Arena
August 6, 2023 – Okinawa Arena
August 19, 2023 – Ajinomoto Stadium
August 20, 2023 – Ajinomoto Stadium
August 26, 2023 – Sapporo Dome
September 2, 2023 – Nissan Stadium
September 3, 2023 – Nissan Stadium
September 9, 2023 – Shizuoka ECOPA Stadium
September 10, 2023 – Shizuoka ECOPA Stadium
September 16, 2023 – Fukuoka PayPay Dome
September 17, 2023 – Fukuoka PayPay Dome
September 21, 2023 – Yanmar Stadium Nagai (B’z Anniversary)
September 23, 2023 – Yanmar Stadium Nagai (Koshi’s birthday)
September 24, 2023 – Yanmar Stadium Nagai

[UPDATE] B’z to provide new Detective Conan Opening

Posted on January 5, 2022

Detective Conan and B’z have a long history of opening / ending as well as theme songs for movies. Today, the band has announced that their new song titled “SLEEPLESS” will serve as the opening song to Detective Conan starting January 8th, 2022.

The song is likely to be featured on the to-be-announced 2022 studio album. More information will be revealed soon.

[UPDATE 08/01/2022]
Check out the new song below! Furthermore, the lyrics along with a first translation are available in the B’z wiki.

B’z New Song “Live” to Serve as Theme Song

Posted on December 26, 2021

A few days ago, the band has announced that their new song “Live” will serve as the theme song to the upcoming Japanese movie “Usogui”. The movie starring Ryusei Yokohama will hit theatres in Japan on February 11, 2022.

The song is likely to be on B’z upcoming 2022 album.

A short bit of the song was revealed as part of morning news. Check it out below!