Koshi Inaba and Masaharu Fukuyama Talk UFC

Posted on May 29, 2014
Koshi Inaba News


Are you a UFC fan? Well, then you’re most definitely going to like this. Koshi is in fact a very huge fan of UFC. The whole talk came about when Koshi wanted to publish some kind of talk on his newly created official website “en-zine”, a website where he wants to publish things he hasn’t done before. It was rather hard for him to find a suitable partner for a talk, but when he thought about his hobbies, he thought of UFC and remembered that singer/songwriter Masaharu Fukuyama is also very fond of UFC. In fact, Masaharu Fukuyama is sometimes a guest commentator on UFC Japan. They both got into UFC through pro wrestling.

During the approximately 54 minute long conversation, they, for example, talk about their favorite fighters and the appeal of UFC. The whole talk has been uploaded to B’z official youtube channel and can be viewed here.