B’z New Single “Uchouten” 1/14 Out!!

Posted on December 2, 2014

The hype has arrived! First bits from the morning newspaper just got in! B’z is going to release their 51st single「Uchouten」on January 14th, 2015! The song is going to be featured in Nihon TV’s upcoming drama “Gakkou no Kaidan”, which is set to air in January. Additionally, the new single comes with Endless Summer as the B-side!!


NEW SINGLE「Uchouten」

1. Uchouten
2. Endless Summer

Release: 2015.01.14

Price(tax not included!): 1,900 Yen (CD+DVD), 1000 Yen(CD)

The new single comes in two versions: CD and CD+DVD. Now guess what: The bonus DVD contains 9 songs from last year’s「B’z SPECIAL LIVE」at the EX THEATER ROPPONGI! Here’s the tracklist in detail:

1. Kuroi Seishun
2. Yasei no ENERGY
3. Konya Tsuki no Mieru Oka ni
5. Yami no Ame
7. Ichibu to Zenbu
8. Nagai Ai

Pre-order bonus
Pre-order the CD in store (not online) in Japan and get a B2 size original poster as a present!
Pre-order the CD online and get an original alternate cover design as a present!

10 responses to “B’z New Single “Uchouten” 1/14 Out!!”

  1. Trala-lala123 says:

    Thank the heavens for a physical release! Anxiously waiting for the pre-orders to show up on CDJapan~~
    Uchouten seem to be pretty good judging by the preview on the Official Website. Looking forward to it~~
    Thank you for the news.

  2. jrum178 says:

    hopefully the full track sounds better. I’m not exactly pumped. Hate to be a negative Nancy but I expect nothing but perfection from B’z and will accept nothing less. Anything less than perfect is sub-standard.

    1. barran says:

      Right, because B’z is some kind of super humans right? This kind of idiotic fan expectation is the reason for unpleasable and often, moronic fanbase. There are no perfect human in this world. There will always be flaws, be a little realistic would you. Even Masterpieces like Sgt. Pepper, Highway 61 Revisited and Pet Sounds still have flaws in them. Stop flying on the air and start walking on the ground.

    2. barran says:

      I know each person has their own method and standard to judge something, but the way you said make it sounds like B’z only has to conform to your expectation and YOURS only. It’s fucking annoying, as if the artist owes anything to the fan. Don’t like it, don’t listen it, easy as that

      1. Trala-lala123 says:

        I consider myself a B’z fan but I’m also critical about their works. I am not one of those people who says “I like every single songs, no exception and, if you are not like me, you are not a (real) fan”.

  3. jrum178 says:

    On the bright side, it will be nice to finally have a brand new B’z song to karaoke!

  4. ontto says:

    Finally there’s something more in special edition than just music video. Too band I cant preorder it from store and get a poster.

  5. Kogorou says:

    Can’t wait until the preoder opens – already put money aside for B’z 😉 Hell yeah this looks like a really cool release.

  6. Trala-lala123 says:

    Pre-orders open at CDJapan:
    Regular: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/BMCV-5021 (With external bonus)
    Limited: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/BMCV-5020 (With external bonus)

    The external bonus seem to be “Another cover”. Hmm…

    1. Tobias says:

      Yes, as it says at the bottom of my post 🙂

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