Tak Matsumoto On Shane Gaalaas’ New Album Bitter Suites from the Red Room

Posted on March 2, 2015

Shane Gaalaas is going to release his new solo instrumental album titled 「Bitter Suites from the Red Room」 in Japan on April 1st. The album will feature 9 tracks, including the track 「Grind 2.0 (The Salacious Elixir)」 on which Tak Matsumoto plays the guitar solo. Otherwise, all instruments were played and recorded by Shane Gaalaas himself.


「Bitter Suites from the Red Room」

Release: 2015.04.01
Price: 1,650 Yen
Buy: [Amazon Japan] [CDJapan]

Track list

1.El Niño Overture
2.Silverstrand Sedation
3.Tales from a Fantastic Lumbar
4.Grind 2.0 (The Salacious Elixir)
5.Wherever Giorgio Dare Roam
6.Sik Pa-Jam-As
7.Gaunchpull vs.The Atomic Wedgie
8.Ototoxic Gaalbladderass
9.Song for Dale