EPIC DAY Debuts Atop Oricon Daily Albums Chart!

Posted on March 5, 2015

The nineteenth studio album by B’z has just seen its official release with initial sales numbers beginning to roll in. Oricon is reporting that 「EPIC DAY」 has premiered at the top of their daily album charts with a massive total of 118,540 copies moved in Tuesday pre-sales. The album will see wide availability on Wednesday and is expected to become the band’s sixteenth consecutive number-one studio album, dating back to 1990’s 「BREAK THROUGH」.

Source: Oricon

5 responses to “EPIC DAY Debuts Atop Oricon Daily Albums Chart!”

  1. Hansi says:

    Too bad the Album is mastered to win the Loudness War, this thing is clipping like hell, remember Metallica’s “Death Magnetic” ? This ruins the whole listening experience.

    1. Kogorou says:

      It’s not that bad. Yes the loudness has increased over the last few years. Nothing you can do about that.

      Overall a great Album. Can’t stop listening.

      1. Kogorou says:

        I can’t really find any issues with clipping at all.
        The sound is perfect. Maybe an issue on your side?

        1. Hansi says:

          You could be right .. i was listening on my PC at first, could be i had some settings in VLC Player that caused clipping. On my CD Player i (thank god) didn’t notice the clipping.
          So i have to excuse me for my rant.
          On the other hand i am right with the Loudness War .. B’z records could breathe so much more with some more dynamic range.

          I added two measurements of B’z Albums to the Dynamic Range Database, so
          have a look

          From the Music Standpoint, i am still crazy how the put out such an incredible Album called MAGIC, Epic Day is also nice but for my taste doesn’t quite reach it.

          Greetings from Germany

  2. Sumo says:

    This is an awesome album, Koshi and Tak and their magic once again! Koshi still able to scream like a wild cat, and Tak awesome guitar work and riffs… And they are at their 50’s man! Unfortunately, there isn’t many hard rock songs on the album, but still nonetheless good stuff from B’z.

    A bit out of subject here, but when i reached my 50’s, I want to be like them… They are so cool and you can feel that aura they emit around them. Awesome!

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