Message From Barry Sparks

Posted on November 22, 2008

As you all remember, Barry Sparks was accompanying B’z on their LIVE-GYM rampage this year. On November 12th, he updated his website and posted a short text about the experiences he made while touring through Japan with B’z. Here’s what he wrote:

Hello there, Thanks for checking out my site. Well, its been a very busy year for me, 9 months in Japan with the band B’Z! We played something like 60 shows all over Japan. The tour started with playing in theatres, then we hit all the arenas to support the album “Action” and then onto “Glory days” stadium tour, their 20th anniversary tour! It was an awesome experience. B’Z are such great musicians and a blast to play with and their music is very challenging so my bass chops were put to the test! I am happy to say they whipped me into shape! The shows were all amazing but I must say to end the tour with two shows at Yokohama stadium playing for 75,000 people (74,999 plus my wife) was a highlight for me. […]