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Posted on March 27, 2010
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Hey folks,

as you probably have noticed, the overall look of the design has changed.
This design, however, is not completely done yet. It’s an early alpha version of the final site.

But I would like to get your thoughts/ideas on the new design! So, if you have any ideas or suggestions on what to change, etc. feel free to comment and share your opinion with us!

Things that have yet to be done:

  • Adjust styling so it gets properly displayed in Internet Explorer (lol)
  • Style the Sidebar
  • New footer (current one is not very nice)
  • Custom comments display
  • Banner: Feel free to create your own custom one! I’d love to add it if it’s good! Dimensions are 998×123 pixel
  • Language bar in the top right of the banner (Yes, there’s going to be localized versions of OFF THE LOCK)

Things that I will be working on in the future:

  • Tak and Koshi Profile / B’z Profile
  • B’z Database

And also, if you encounter any errors, please let me know!

5 responses to “Site Design Revamped”

  1. Lum says:

    I’d put some space between the banner and the text, this way is a bit soffocating ^^;
    I’m thinking that maybe localized version would be a waste of effort, but anyway.
    What about a bridge between WP, Simple Machine and the future wiki (if it’s a wiki)? No multiple login, and maybe there’s a way to have the same avatar for both forum and site comments.

  2. Tobias says:

    Between the banner and the text? You mean between the navigation bar and the content? Yeah… I guess you’re right.

    Connecting SMF and WP would be a great idea! I’m gonna have to see if that is doable. Probably have to write a plugin for wordpress (if there isn’t one already).

    As for localization… you’re probably right… English should do.

  3. Lum says:

    Yeah, navigation and the content XD
    Sorry, my English really sucks lately.
    I’m quite sure there are plugins for connecting WP and forum platforms, but I’m not sure they are updated to the latest version of SMF.
    And a collapsable/dropdown menu for archives? I just hate to have a loooong list of link on the sidebar. There are tons of plugin for this.

  4. ak says:

    I like it ! Love the site!

  5. jayz24 says:

    Love the new look! 🙂

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