Tak and Koshi Solo Confirmed

Posted on March 29, 2010

As of today, it’s completely official: Tak and Koshi have been working on solo projects.

Tak Matsumoto’s Solo Project

As previously reported, Larry Carlton is working on a new album with Tak. According to B’z Official Website, the album is due for June 2010 along with a tour! And here’s the thing, the album will probably be available internationally!

Koshi Inaba’s Solo Project

Not so much is known about Koshi Inaba’s solo project, not even a release date! However the song we reported about is called “Kono Te wo Totte Hashiri Dashite” (Take this hand and run), it will be the theme song for the renewed news show “NEWS 23X” on TBS. Tour has been planned, too.

Now, I know you all hate the small videos on the B’z website… well, I took the time and upsized them a bit… Look who’s in the Koshi video! Shane and Stevie Salas! If anyone knows the other guy there, let me know in the comments!

Koshi Video:

Tak Video:

1 response to “Tak and Koshi Solo Confirmed”

  1. Odon says:

    Hi Tobias!

    That’s a big day for us B’z fans! Don’t know yet who’s the fourth man but maybe we can find out in the near future.

    The big word of the day is: internationally, about the new Matsumoto’s album. And it seems that it’s Carlton himself who had the idea of a collaboration with Matsumoto. So it will be very interesting to see what brings such a collaboration, because it’s perhaps the first time that Matsumoto doesn’t lead, decide and write all the music in one of his albums…

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