Koshi Solo Album “Hadou” 08/18 out!!

Posted on July 5, 2010 by Lum in News

And finally, we have a release date for Koshi's new solo album! "Hadou" will be out on 08/18, and it'll have a regular and a limited edition. The limited edition will feature a DVD with all of Koshi's promotional videos (PVs), except for  "Okay" which is on the limited edition DVD of the single. (see below for a complete listing)
The album itself will have 15 tracks, including "Okay", and News 23X ending song "Sono Te wo Totte Hashiridashite". Also, the previously unreleased song "Akai Ito" will be included as well.
We have no covers yet, but the prices will be 3,059yen (tax incl.) for regular edition and 3,990yen (tax incl.) for limited edition.

01. LOST
02. Zettai (teki) [absolute (ly)]
03. The Morning Call
04. Okay
05. Lone Pine
06. Eden
08. Koyoi Kimi to [tonight with you]
09. Kono Te wo Totte Hashiridashite [take this hand and start running]
10. Sariyuku Hito e [leaving people]
11. Fushichou [phoenix]
12. Shujinkou [protagonist]
13. Little boy
14. Akai Ito [red thread]
15. Itaikena Taiyou [innocent sun]

DVD Tracklist
01. Nami - from album Magma
02. Tooku Made - from single Tooku made
03. O.NO.RE - from album Shian
04. Touch - from album Shian
05. Famiresu Gozen Sanji - from album Shian
06. AKATSUKI - from single KI
07. Shizukana Ame - from single KI
08. I'm on fire - from single KI
09. Wonderland - from single Wonderland
10. Shoumenshoutotsu - from album Peace of mind
11. Hazumu Sekai - from album Peace of mind

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  1. The ‘OKAY’ sound is good, but I really wish to have a translation.
    Iseverybody there to be able to translate this lyrics?
    My japanese isn’t to much to translate it by myself, so is anybody there to be able
    to help?
    My thanks forecast.


  2. @Petra:
    No worries, there is a translation in the works. 🙂

  3. Hey, Tobias

    Great news.

    I have tryed a Google translation, was really funny.
    It don’t fit the text really, I think.
    Thanks or the answer^^)

  4. Hey , sorry,
    my lap have some funny kinds of mistakes, so sorry for some mistakesin the text.

  5. my translation for the Fushichou(Phoenix) – track 11 of Hadou:

    Even though I’m only beginner in japanese and I have some problems with english grammar, I hope this translation will be useful. All comments and corrections are welcome)) And you can use this translation everywhere just, please, make credits to my blog. ^_^
    I plan to work on translations of Hadou so I can also take requests which songs I should translate first.
    Hope you’ll appreciate my work, though I’m not a professional.

  6. may i request translation of lone pine

  7. a friend from chinese forum told me about atomic bomb thing, and then I’ve found some chinese translation of inaba-sans interview(or that was song-by-song review of the album). Well, I don’t speak chinese but from google translation I’ve got that Inaba-san described bomb as a human and it coused outrage of Hiroshimas citizens. Well, something like that ))

  8. wow wish granted thanks a lot!!

  9. please translate Kono Te wo Totte Hashiridashite ( take my hand and start running )…I love that song….thanks a lot..;)

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