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Posted on October 3, 2010
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Hello fellow B’z fans!

On this wonderful autumn day (in Germany, anyway), I want to introduce you to something very special: The B’z Encyclopedia!
Or just call it the “B’z Wiki” since that’s what it is.

In the sidebar you will notice that there is a section “Recent wiki updates” now. That way, you can see if something new has been added or if something has been modified on the wiki. It is simply a convenient way for you to check for project updates.

The goal is to get every single bit of information about B’z into this wiki including song translations, interview translations, trivia, pictures, live reports, fanclub events, et cetera
It is going to be the first ever complete information database on B’z.

However, since there is a LOT of information on B’z, we are going to need your help! So if you want to help us, just post in the comments and we will see what work we can give you! Also state some of the skills you have, such as “Good writing skills in English”, and so on. That way, we will know what kind of work we can assign you to.

Also, if there is something you would like to work on specifically, you can also post this. There’s a bunch of pages that still have not been set up. You can see an overall status of the project by going to the B’z wiki’s main page. Just click the link in the header.

We are especially looking for people who speak Japanese so we can work on song and interview translations!

6 responses to “Introducing the B’z Wiki”

  1. ErreFan says:

    I would be happy to provide song translations to the wiki, if you don’t mind ^_^
    Well, sometimes my english grammar should be checked, but anyway ^_^
    What about translating interviews – I can try but I’m afraid it will take too much time

    1. Arthuro says:

      Yeah, but you still have way to go on your Japanese as far as I’m concerned. Keep up the good work though, I wasn’t good either when I started.
      I think you should stick to song translations for now.

      1. ErreFan says:

        I’ve had regular japanese lessons each week, though I’m too busy for that now. Anyway, I’m doing it coz I’m interested in japanese and I like polishing my skills. If my rough translations are acceptable(with further correcting or revising) please contact me (my msn is the same as my email, I think you should see it ^_^)

        1. Arthuro says:

          Your translations are definitely acceptable and it’s a good way to get better at Japanese, right? I’ll add you on msn 🙂

  2. Dylan says:

    Translations are usually best performed by two people, a native japanese speaker, and a native english speaker, who can communicate with each other sufficiently to resolve the translation.

    Happy to help with the English side of the deal, but my Japanese is very rudimentary.

    1. Arthuro says:

      That is very true. Especially since native speakers have a lot more words and ways of expressing things at their disposal. I often struggle to find the correct expression in English for a Japanese word or phrase. I’ll contact you soon via the E-Mail address you specified.

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