Message from B’z and Shane Gaalaas about the Great Tohoku Earthquake

Posted on March 15, 2011

Today on B’z official website as well as B’z PARTY official website appeared a message from both members about the Great Tohoku Earthquake that hit Japan last Friday.

Now I’m praying for damage to not increase anymore and for more people as possible to be rescued and saved.
Everyone, let’s join forces to overcome this moment, so someday soon we’ll have our bright Japan back!!
– Tak Matsumoto

Seeing the great damages the Earthquake caused, the city where lovely people used to live disrupted, and so many lifes lost, this made my heart cry, and I felt helpless. I think we should be united, with all our might, because this could raise someone else’s hopes.
– Koshi Inaba

Also B’z support member Shane Gaalaas wrote a post in his blog, both in English and Japanese:

Hello Japan,

Sending this picture I took this morning of a little flower that reminded me of you… I hope in some small way you could somehow find some happiness in your life in these tragic times.

Thinking of you and how lucky I am to know what a beautiful nation Japan is.