B’z #1 Streak in Danger?

Posted on May 29, 2011

With AKB48 having strong sales these days, B’z fans in Japan are concerned whether B’z will be able to keep up their series of consecutive number one singles, or not. AKB48 has recently released their new single “Everyday, kachuusha”, selling 942,475 copies of their single on the day before the official release.

This does sound fishy, right? How could AKB48 sell so many singles in one day? So I did some digging … look what I found on a Japanese blog:

There are in fact people buying a LOT of copies of the very same single. Looks like there’s a lot of Japanese Otaku who are buying 2200 copies of the single to show AKB48 how much they worship and love them. (see the picture below)

But will AKB48 be able to keep up the strong sales? Their daily sales have dropped to a “low” 54,000 per day, but it is no doubt that AKB48 will get the #1 spot in the weekly single chart this wednesday. However, with AKB48’s sales dropping per day, I don’t see any indication that B’z will not get the #1 spot on the day before the release of their new single “Don’t Wanna Lie”. But will B’z also be able to get the #1 spot on the weekly chart? Only time will tell.

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  1. Chi says:

    I was totally SHOCKED when I saw the sales of AKB48 predicted for fist day. People gone totally crazy about them with no bigger reason, ’cause songs in this single are usual and nothing special, they got better songs in past but they sell more and more with worse music, what’s goin’ on?!

    And “Everyday Kachuusha” already beat Mr. Children with the biggest sales in first week of all the time. On first day the list looked already like that:

    *1 1,208,230 名もなき詩/Mr.Children
    *2 1,067,510 Addicted To You/宇多田ヒカル (Utada Hikaru)
    *3 1,025,740 だんご3兄弟/速水けんたろう、茂森あゆみ、ひまわりキッズ、だんご合唱団
    *4 *,955,780 Winter, Again/GLAY
    *5 *,951,140 LOVE PHANTOM/B’z
    *6 *,942,479 桜の木になろう/AKB48
    *7 *,942,475 Everyday、カチューシャ/AKB48 (1st day)
    *8 *,924,780 君がいるだけで/愛してる/米米CLUB
    *9 *,841,280 誘惑/GLAY
    10 *,828,480 CAN YOU CELEBRATE?/安室奈美恵
    11 *,826,989 Beginner/AKB48

    On 6th place after B’z Love Phantom is their “Sakura no Ki ni narou” which sold in over 600 000 copies on first day.

    I don’t like this all “fan contest” where the number of sales increases only because of new trend- where’s music in it?? “Don’t wanna lie” is too good single to be beaten like that. It’s my opinion

    1. Chi says:

      Oh, sorry, update- second day of the sales. And everything’s clear. I don’t want to hurt their fans or anything but in my opinion this is so unfair

      *1 1,208,230 名もなき詩/Mr.Children
      *2 1,084,708 Everyday、カチューシャ/AKB48 (2nd day sales)
      *3 1,067,510 Addicted To You/宇多田ヒカル
      *4 1,025,740 だんご3兄弟/速水けんたろう、茂森あゆみ、ひまわりキッズ、だんご合唱団
      *5 *,955,780 Winter, Again/GLAY
      *6 *,951,140 LOVE PHANTOM/B’z
      *7 *,942,479 桜の木になろう/AKB48
      *8 *,924,780 君がいるだけで/愛してる/米米CLUB
      *9 *,841,280 誘惑/GLAY
      *10 *,828,480 CAN YOU CELEBRATE?/安室奈美恵
      *11 *,826,989 Beginner/AKB48

      And what’s worst for me- Love Phantom dropped to 6th place T.T I wonder if Japanese will be proud of “Everyday Kachuusha” in the future 😛

      1. Tobias says:

        Did you copy that from 2ch?! XD

  2. Magnolia says:

    I’m annoyed >:(
    I cannot understand what of them like the kindergartener is good >:(

    1. Tobias says:

      Unfortunately, that’s the new Japanese Popculture…
      But I don’t care, I will still support B’z. Sales aren’t everything.

      1. Chi says:

        Yes, they aren’t everything, but fact that B’z has so many No. 1-es one after another and then appears something that ruins it makes emotions in fans XD And everything would be ok if it could be better song… >< But whatever, seems there are lots of people who think Everyday Kachuusha is the best one on the world so they have to have over 1000 CDs of it XD So sad we cannot do anything about it, but I won't loose my hope that B'z will gain weekly 1# 😛

  3. ak says:

    A true low bottom for japanese music industry.

  4. Magnolia says:

    What a very ridiculous situation!!

  5. polarp says:

    It’s really disturbing that nowadays the best sellers are not really selling music.

  6. Lebon14 says:

    Sad news indeed. Game isn’t set yet, so there is still hope of B’z making #1. But I don’t think it will be by a good margin though.

  7. ErreFan says:

    Okay, I’ve just listened to this song and I’m like -_-… really! such an amazing sales for such a …… (crappy?) song???!!!!
    Then I tried to watch some of their lives and it looked like everything was lip synched??? O_o they have more than 40 girls and still use lip synch on their concerts? Oh my God…. =_=”

  8. jmaeshawn says:

    Everyone, run out and buy 2200 copies of Don’t Wanna Lie to counter this!!!!

    Just kidding. XD

    B’z doesn’t need that to get #1, but the fact that people do that to artificially inflate the rankings is sick.

  9. jayz24 says:

    I admire the fans for their loyalty to their band, but it is sad that they choose this way to show it, because as jmaeshawn said, they’re just artificially inflating the rankings. Maybe they’re going the way of “any publicity is good publicity”, but I don’t like that at all. For me personally, I believe that in the long run this fanbase’s actions may have cost their band some listeners, as AKB48 now has, and will forever have, this notorious reputation attached to their name.

    1. jayz24 says:

      I found out the reason for the mass buying of the single. A friend found a post somewhere that talks about an in-band popularity contest for the girls. Seems like each single contains a vote ballot, and so someone started the mass buying to vote for his favorite girl, and another person topped it by buying more copies of the single, and that’s why lots of people are buying multiple copies.

      Quite a good gimmick actually by the PR guys, I only hope it won’t backfire on the band; this kind of gimmick amps up the competitiveness within and it could turn ugly fast. I wish them the best of luck.

      And it just goes to show we can never judge others by what we hear or read until we know the full reason. 😛 I apologize if I have offended anyone with my incorrect assumption before.

      1. Tobias says:

        Still pretty stupid, don’t you think? Making people buy a CD to get a vote… hahahaha
        They should’ve done it via an online site where fans could vote.

  10. Lebon14 says:

    I took Chi’s stat and Tobias’s screenshot and the stupidiest calculation ever. How did they sale in the second day? Answer : 142233 copies. I don’t think B’z’s streak is in danger now because of how it drastically dropped it sale in one day. And now, AKB48 isn’t even in the top 10 anymore! (for daily sales that is)

    But Kat-Tun (which is #1 right now), is kinda menacing.

  11. Ak says:

    Then again, it’s good that stuff like this keeps B’z on their toes, they gotta bring it everytime if they want that top position on oricon.

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