“Vermillion Studio” Website Closing Down By March 15th

Posted on February 22, 2012

I didn’t deem this news worthy, but apparently some people get it wrong. Therefore, this post is to clear up all the misinterpretations.
What you’ve probably seen is this:

This notice is about Vermillion Studio closing down by March 15. It’s an online store where you can buy (expensive) Vermillion merchandise such as parkers and necklaces. This does not mean that Vermillion Records is shutting down! Why the hell would they do that anyway?

Oh… and if you’re thinking about buying a thing or two there, please note that all items are on sale since they’re trying to clear out their shelves!

So yeah… just a few more days and we should get some real B’z news 😉

So long!

2 responses to ““Vermillion Studio” Website Closing Down By March 15th”

  1. Chi says:

    thx, I was confused- why everybody suddenly got that mad because they won’t be able to buy expensive stuff with Vermillion logo on it like it was something really important ^^”

  2. jmaeshawn says:

    They don’t have any B’z stuff on there, so どうでもいい。

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