“Q&A” New Detective Conan Opening Theme Starting May 4

Posted on April 8, 2013

Detective Conan
And the tie-in madness continues! B’z has just announced that their new song “Q&A”—which is set to be released as part of the B’z The Best XXV 1999-2012 compilation—will be the new opening theme to the anime series “Detective Conan” starting May 4th. The band has supplied opening and ending themes as well as movie themes for Detective Conan in the past. The last opening theme B’z has supplied was “Don’t Wanna Lie” in 2011, which was also featured as the theme song for the Detective Conan movie that was released that year.

6 responses to ““Q&A” New Detective Conan Opening Theme Starting May 4”

  1. Anon4869 says:

    ;w; Could you guys do a HQ release of just the opening?
    I miss your wonderful karaoke and English translation of the lyrics!

    1. dumytru says:

      IMO, M-L translation is really good.
      As for karaoke, you may (or not) find one on youtube!

  2. dumytru says:

    Oh, yeah!
    I was really hoping for a B’z opening~~~

  3. Ak says:

    Hey, this is totally off topic to anything. But the Off the lock wiki lists Shoushin as never performed live. But check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJ0lu-8kAQc (I believe at least Snow was also performed on the same show)

    1. Tobias says:

      We only count LIVE-GYM/SHOWCASE performances. TV appearances do not count.

      1. Ak says:

        Heh, I knew you knew it 🙂 Love the wiki btw!

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