Famitsu Finds Out How B’z Made It Onto Rocksmith 2014

Posted on June 15, 2013


Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu has interviewed Rocksmith 2014 Edition’s creative director, Paul Cross, to find out more about the reasons why B’z made it onto Rocksmith 2014. Their first question was why B’z was chosen to be included in the game. Paul Cross replied “That’s of course because they’re one of the greatest bands on the planet!”, which leads Famitsu to ask the next question: Have you known about B’z before? Paul had to admit that he had not known about B’z before. He says that one of Rocksmith’s Japanese producers introduced him to the band.

With Rocksmith’s 2014 edition, Ubisoft aims to have everyone around the world enjoy the game. Therefore, they decided to include songs from all over the world. Moving on, Famitsu wanted to know why “ultra soul” was specifically chosen for the game. Paul explained that he was discussing with Ubisoft’s team in Japan which B’z song they would choose for the game. “Of course a popular song is fine, too”, Paul says, “but we wanted to find a song that is on par with the songs we have released on the previous Rocksmith.”

Finally, the magazine wanted to know if there’s a possibility that Japan will get exclusive downloadable content with the latest B’z songs, which Paul denied by stating that if there’s going to be downloadable content, it’s going to be available world wide. Furthermore, Paul says it’s possible that more Japanese artists might be included in the game in the future.

Source: 『Rocksmith 2014 Edition』に堂々B’z参戦。いったいなんで!? 開発者に独占直撃インタビュー!【E3 2013】

2 responses to “Famitsu Finds Out How B’z Made It Onto Rocksmith 2014”

  1. Lebon14 says:

    Woohoo! I hope more people get introduced to B’z like the producer did! 🙂

  2. Intie says:

    The English version of Ultra Soul really isn’t going to help B’z to get more famous outside of Japan… :/ I’m still hoping they use the original. But honestly, they could’ve used a song that has more guitars in it to begin with, Ultra Soul is kind of lacking it compared to some other pieces. Though I understand the iconic riff makes it a pretty good beginner song in the game.
    I’m glad to see they’re actively communicating with foreign partners. It took them a good 25 years to finally open up for the audience that is not in Japan or USA.

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