B’z To Perform At Music Station Super Live 2014 On Dec 26th

Posted on December 5, 2014

superlive2014_logoWord just got out that B’z is going to perform at the Music Station Super Live 2014 on December 26th! We don’t know which song(s) they are going to perform, but perhaps we are going to see the first televised performance of their new single「Uchouten」?! We will provide you with details once the show has aired!

2 responses to “B’z To Perform At Music Station Super Live 2014 On Dec 26th”

  1. jrum178 says:

    B’z are out hardcore in the next month o.o God, let them play something we all haven’t heard in a while. No one wants to hear the same shit over and over and over. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for Kienai Niji, Kirei na Ai Jankutemo & Never Let You Go just like I do every year they are on Super Live

  2. ontto says:

    Cool. I remember watching them live on tv two years ago.

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