OFF THE LOCK is a website created by Arthuro and Jd that revolves around the legendary Japanese rock band B’z. The title of the site (“OFF THE LOCK”) is a reference to an album released by the band in 1989. The name was chosen to illustrate the band’s ingenuity and overall originality they’ve maintained all these years later.

What is B’z?

B’z is the name of a Japanese rock band that consists of Takahiro Matsumoto (Guitar, Composition, Arrangement) and Inaba Koshi (Vocalist, Lyrics). B’z debuted on September 21st, 1988 with their self-titled album “B’z”. Today, B’z is one of the most famous rock bands in Japan and all of Asia. They have sold millions of albums, giving them the honor of being the best-selling Japanese band of all time. While most of the band’s fanbase is seated in Japan, many others have discovered B’z in countries across the world.

What is our objective?

Our objective is to bring the latest B’z news to the fans and offer as much information as possible where we can. We hope to make available all of the information that Japanese fans have at their disposal to all of the international fans.