B’z 20th Anniversary Special Website Update

Posted on May 15, 2008

Apparently, the B’z 20th Anniversary Special Website seems to have received an update. It now includes news on CS(Communications Sattelite) Broadcasts of a special show for B’z The Best “ULTRA Pleasure”.

Check out the broadcast dates below.

The broadcast dates and channels are as follows:(All times JST)

◆Music Japan TV (269ch)
First Broadcast : 6/1(Sun) 22:30~
repeat : until 6/15(Thu) (※Broadcast time varies from day to day)
First Broadcast : 6/1(Sun) 19:00~20:00
repeat : until 6/30(Mon) (※Broadcast time varies from day to day)
◆VMC (732ch)
First Broadcast : 6/7(Sat) 21:00~
repeat : 6/9(Mon) 12:00~、6/15(Sun)23:00~、
◆MTV (270ch)
◇「MTV Comp.」
First Broadcast : 6/9(Mon) 23:00~24:00
repeat : 6/10(Tu) 19:00~、6/12(Thu)13:00~、6/15(Mon)17:00~
◆スペースシャワー(Space Shower) TV (265ch)
6/10(Tu)~6/13(Fri) 20:00~20:30
◆MUSIC ON TV! (731ch)
◇「Artist File Special -B’z-」
First Broadcast : 6/18(Wed) 20:00~21:30
repeat : 6/29(Sun) 20:00~21:30

2 responses to “B’z 20th Anniversary Special Website Update”

  1. anjoschka178 says:

    great news
    a B’z Special on TV
    maybe they will come to one show?

  2. Lebon 14 says:

    Beside Music Japan, will we able to watch them :

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