“Glory Days” Lyrics & Translation

Posted on February 21, 2009

Another touching song by B’z. I will continue to put out translations of the new songs. Stay tuned.

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Song Title(Japanese): グローリーデイズ
Song Title(Romanized): guroorii deizu
Song Title(English):  Glory Days

Lyrics: Koshi Inaba
Music: Takahiro Matsumoto

Translated by Tobias
(Translation is at the bottom)
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雨あがりの道路(みち) また歩き出した時
橋のむこうに 虹がでたんだ
Tシャツが ぐしょぐしょに 濡れても笑い歌う
ふたり 何のためらいも不安もなくて

こんな僕に がまん強く
つきあってくれたよね (Thank You)

Glory Days 一緒にいるだけでいい
奇跡のような 瞬間の連続
今日も その柔かい力に包まれて

しゃべり続けてた 電話が熱くなるほど
そんな 無邪気な季節を越えて
どれくらい 時は流れた?

生きてく理由(わけ)を知った (I Love You)

Glory Days 君に救われた日々
自分のことを ちょっと好きになれる
どんなに この街が姿を変えていっても

Glory Days 一緒にいるだけでいい
奇跡のような 瞬間の連続
命はてるときが来ても 燦然と輝く 笑顔だけあふれる
Glory Days 二度と戻らない日々
胸をはって ここから歩くよ
どこかで きっと新しい虹を見つめている 君のこと想う


ame agari no michi mata aruki dashita toki
hashi no mukou ni niji ga detanda
narande mita no ha itsu?
T shatsu ga gusho gusho ni nurete mo warai utau
futari nan no tamerai mo fuan mo nakute
mabushii yorokobi dake

konna boku ni gaman tsuyoku
tsukiatte kureta yo ne (Thank You)

Glory Days issho ni iru dake de ii
kiseki no you na shunkan no renzoku
kyou mo sono yawarakai chikara ni tsutsumarete
boku wa mae wo miteru

shaberi tsuzuketeta denwa ga atsuku naru hodo
sonna mujaki na kisetsu wo koete
dore kurai toki wa nagareta?

te wo tsunaide kureta toki
ikiteku wake wo shitta (I Love You)

Glory Days kimi ni sukuwareta hibi
jibun no koto wo chotto suki ni nareru
donna ni kono machi ga sugata wo kaeteitte mo
kono mune ni ai ha aru

Glory Days issho ni iru dake de ii
kiseki no you na shunkan no renzoku
inochi hateru toki ga kite mo sanzen to kagayaku egao dake afureru
Glory Days nidoto modoranai hibi
mune wo hatte koko kara aruku yo
doko ka de kitto atarashii niji wo mitsumeteiru kimi no koto omou
mata deaeru hi wo omou


The moment we were walking in the streets again after the rain,
a rainbow appeared across the bridge.
When did I see it beside you?
Even though our T-shirts are soaking wet, we are still singing happily.
We were without hesitations and fears,
just bright happiness.

You put up with someone like me,
and accompanied me. (Thank You)

Glory Days, I just want to be with you
For a series of moments just like miracles.
Today I am engulfed by your kindness again.
I am looking ahead.

We continued to talk so much that our telephones warmed up.
After spending such an unsophisticated time,
how much time has passed?

When you were holding hands with me,
I got to know the reason of life. (I love you)

Glory Days, the days I was saved by you,
I can love myself a bit.
No matter how much this city changes its form,
there’s love in this heart.

Glory Days, I just want to be with you
For a series of moments just like miracles.
Even when my life ends, I will only show a bright and shining smile.
Glory Days, the days I can’t go back to,
straightening my chest, I start walking from here on out.
I will definitely see a new rainbow somewhere, thinking of you.
Thinking of the day I can meet you again.

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  1. Moon says:

    I love this song and its melody. It touches my heart profoundly. Thak’s B’z

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