“B’z Office Sends Over 50 Million Yen To Disaster Zone”

Posted on March 22, 2011

"B'z Office Sends Over 50 Million Yen To Disaster Zone" - Article in the Tokyo Sports Newspaper

B’z management has donated over 50 million Yen(500,000€ / $625,000) to help out people that have lost their homes due to the quake. But that is not all: They are also sending goods such as water into the disaster zone to provide assistance in supplying people with fresh water and food. Taking into account the goods as well as the generous donation, the total value of the donation amounts to more than 100 million Yen.

Being Group – which B’z recording label belongs to – has refused to announce the donation publicly as they do not want it to come off as promotion for the company. The information has been uncovered by an insider who then passed it on to a newspaper, namely Tokyo Sports.

The report states that Being Group has set up emergency headquarters to ensure the safety of their staff and their families.

He also says that Tak Matsumoto has taken interest in doing a collaboration with AKB48 to compose a new song which is different from his current ballads. No plans have been revealed yet, though.

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  1. Lebon14 says:

    WOAH!! B’z is so damn generous! It’s incredible.
    …At the same time, I kind of expected it… somehow… xD

    Also, I’m kind of interrested in the AKB48 collaboration.

    1. Tobias says:

      Well… they have the money. AKB48 also donated $6.4 million. (500 million yen)

      1. Lum says:

        Yes, but also made a massive campaign to make sure everyone knows this… I really appreciate they tried to keep this donation a secret

      2. xilas64 says:

        Hey all you 3,

        I have the feeling , that this site has only 4(?) members. I can only three ,or four , to be swap news.
        Am I wrong?

        1. Tobias says:

          There are more people reading the news, but 99% don’t comment. I find that stupid, but heh… what’s your point?

          1. Lebon14 says:

            I think that he thinks that we are the only people coming here. But, I think it would be closer to the truth if he would have said “4 regular members”.

            Btw, Tobias, is this blog popular at any rate?

          2. Tobias says:

            Lebon, just take a look at the Facebook “likes”. You can see how many “ghosts” check the website. They click “like” but don’t bother posting a comment :/

  2. hikaru says:

    i tried to register but somehow the confirmation email never reach me…
    i would really love to talk about B’z with you guys~
    And – donation should never be publicized because it will show how sincere you are with your deeds! i respect being group for trying to stay low.

    1. Tobias says:

      Then I suggest you register again… I always check with StopForumSpam.com before I approve any accounts. Perhaps your IP was coming up in the database.

      Donations should always be done discreetly because of the amount of money donated. Unless, of course, you’re some super company that donates several million dollars to charity just to show how awesome your company is… and that’s what Being doesn’t want to do.

  3. nuralisya says:

    this is one of the reason why i love B’z so much.
    always being good, always being humble, and always stay low.

    they’ve done lots of charity before, i’m sure.
    might doing the same thing during Great Hanshin Kobe Earthquake last time.


    i’m not listening to any girls idols kind of music…
    do they better than morning musume?
    wonder what kind of music Tak will be composing.. pop style maybe.

    still in my head, i can easily imagine
    the cuteness of Tak Boss being surrounded by those 48 girls on stage.
    haha 😛

  4. Odon says:

    There is always someone to reveal something you don’t want to be revealed. It is so frustrating. Being and B’z didn’t want any publicity. It is a violation of their humility. They don’t make so much noise like Hamasaki or the Johnny’s.

    And oh, for me, a collaboration between Tak Matsumoto and AKB48 would be a bad news. I just can’t stand this unbearable girlsband that is rather a brainwash-machine than music (and all the other stuff like that).

    After a great piece of music called Take your pick and a deserved Grammy Award for this, what would he do in this mascarade?

    But I know… Master Matsumoto is interested in many things and already made a hit with the other clowns named KAT-TUN… I admire his capacity to touch at all this, it’s just that I’d dream rather of a new collaboration with Larry Carlton than a commercial song with exploited girls…

    1. Tobias says:

      I don’t like AKB48 either, but you can’t deny the fact that they’ve become part of Japanese popculture.

      The thing with B’z is that, as far as I know, none of the big newspapers such as Asahi Shimbun or Yomiuri reported about it, so it’s OK I guess. But, you know, as a B’z fan, wouldn’t it cheer you up, that your favorite band is helping out homeless people in the earthquake region?

      Tomorrow’s Music Station will also feature a message from B’z. I will get it and post it here.

      1. Odon says:

        AKB48 a part of Japanese culture… yes but how? It’s not like they would touch the Japanese hearts or souls, it’s pure marketing industry, 100% advertising and the question is: who is the first audience of such bands? In the audience of B’z you find all generations, from people who are 50 years old like Matsumoto, who come with their children, to teenagers.
        It would be interesting to have a study of the AKB48 audience, we would surely find a big, big, part of frustrated men, from the shy teenager to the old little-girl-in-mini-skirt-otaku.
        AKB and all this stuff really doesn’t show the good face of Japan.

        There was no critic from me against you of course. Against the one who did know and said what B’z didn’t want to be said.
        Well, now I know B’z a little and I can imagine that they gave money as well as I can imagine they did not want us to know.

    2. Lum says:

      I think Tak is somehow interested in this kind of groups… This year he also put Shoujo Jidai (a korean female idol group) between his favorites in 2010.
      If this rumor it’s true, I wonder what kind of song would he write.

      1. Tobias says:

        Definitely a ballad. That’s what it says in the newspaper…

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