B’z New Single “Don’t Wanna Lie” 6/1 On Sale!!

Posted on April 6, 2011

The new single, Sayonara Kizu Darake no Hibi yo, isn’t even out and B’z is announcing the release of another single! Won’t be long until they announce the release of their new album… probably going to be released in July or August. As previously reported, “Don’t Wanna Lie” is going to be featured as the theme song of the new Detective Conan theatrical feature movie “A Quarter of Silence” and the second track “Homebound” is featured as the ending theme to “News 23X”. Looks like this and future singles are going to have the same limited edition: the music video on DVD.

B’z – Don’t Wanna Lie

1. Don’t Wanna Lie
2. Homebound

Price(limited edition w/ DVD): 1470 Yen
Price(regular edition): 1050 Yen

Release date: 2011.06.01

Normal Edition: [YesAsia (Global)] [YesAsia (US)] [CDJapan.co.jp]

Limited Edition: [YesAsia (Global)] [YesAsia (US)] [CDJapan.co.jp]

Lastly, a question: Am I the only one who’s irritated by that cover? First, B’z presents us an awesome cover for Sayonara Kizu Darake no Hibi yo and now this? I think it’s a little too plain what the artists did there. What do you think?

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  1. Anka says:

    Yeah, I agree, the cover is bit… don’t know how to say that… but there’s something wrong with the colours, plus the background – is it a flag? wooden desk? metal? Can’t really see and my eyes ain’t satisfied, it defenitely lacks something. For the logo – that star was already used about 5 times, so why again? And the title’s design – what’s that? Times New Roman?
    But the photo is cool ;D

  2. hikaru says:

    i think it depend on how you see it.. its a little bit plain but the overall look of the cover were memorable. People can recognized the cover immediately and it will stand out immediately among bunch of cover ifs we put together with other covers. The concept were somewhat the same with ichibu to zenbu/dive cover.

  3. Chi says:

    I liked Ichibu to zenbu cover, because after all it was made with an idea and looked interesting through… I thing this one definitely looks like a basic for a cover not cover itself- oh, c’mon look at this times-new-roman-title-which-do-not-even-grab-a-glaze… it’s just too boring for these songs… but it will stand out I thing that if I walk to a shop I will see first this than other covers, but I’m afraid it’s because its… lame looking ^ ^”

  4. Christian says:

    It seems to me that someone was of the opinion that the release of “Don’t Wanna Lie” had to be announced today under all circumstances, and that he told those responsible not until today about it, so that they had to create a cover for the single on the fly. Too bad, because actually I thought that especially for “Don’t Wanna Lie” you could be very creative. Or at least use a standard image of Koshi and Tak looking serious.

    1. Anka says:

      Oh, that’s quite possible! But why they didn’t announce it bit later? Cover making doesn’t have to take THAT much time, and the movie will be in cinemas at 16. april, right? Why not announce single’s release even after this date? F.ex. 20. april? Then it would be still month+ to 1. june…

    2. Lum says:

      I can’t believe this, it’s not the way thing usually works. If they didn’t have a cover yet, they could just say “cover not available”, they made this for Hadou last year, why not now?
      I’m quite sure they already planned to announce this new single yesteday a long time ago. Otherwise, they could have waited until “Sayonara kizudarake no hibi yo” release… But in their original plan, it should already have been released.

  5. Anka says:

    Yeah, Ichibu to Zenbu/DIVE has its idea and it’s really cool! With “Don’t Wanna Lie”, I don’t know… maybe in real it looks better?

    1. Chi says:

      I don’t think so… even if there is difference of looking on descop and in real, still it was created on computer so they see how it looks… but I quite don’t believe in lack of time to do a cover. We know about “Don’t wanna lie” from enough long time, they could prepare it better, so the only conclusion is that maybe we should try to find in this cover its own beauty… And I don’t thing they’ll replace it, it would be strange

      1. Anka says:

        I meant maybe the surface is kinda special? Convex like Ichibu to zenbu/DIVE or Glory Days DVD? Dunno… but at least they could have chosen better font type :S

  6. hikaru says:

    I couldn’t agree more with Chi. Not enough time shouldn’t be the reason for this cover’s lack of creativity. The cover need to be approved by all the design team, manager and B’z itself. When everyone agreed, then the cover will be use for the official release. Therefore, there must be an underlying theme or rationale for this cover design. Maybe they want to emphasis on simplicity or ‘less is more’ kind of theme. Sometimes, something that were produced out of spontaneous and use lack of resources are good too. There is no need of showing of that ‘we are great, grandeur sort of thing’

    For example, this cover generates all sort of reactions (positive & negative), maybe that is the thing that they want to see – the effect that this cover can give to the public because of it’s simplicity. But from my personal opinion, there’s nothing irritating about this cover, it just show the soft/tender feeling when i look at it especially the flying scarf (i don’t know what it is).. Nonetheless, different person has different opinion.

  7. ak says:

    I think the cover is fine 😀

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