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Billboard Japan Music Awards 2011

Posted on March 2, 2012

The annual Billboard Japan Music Awards take place on March 3rd, 2012. B’z has been nominated in the categories “Top Pop Artist 2011” and “Animation Artist of the Year 2011” for providing a song to the Detective Conan series with their 49th single “Don’t Wanna Lie”.

Last year, Koshi Inaba was nominated for “Top Pop Arist 2010” but unfortunately didn’t get an award for his solo work. Also, it has already been one year since Tak Matsumoto won the Grammy Award for Best Pop Instrumental Album! I remember it like it was yesterday. Such a great moment.

“Don’t Wanna Lie” At No.1 & Special Campaign Announced!

Posted on June 1, 2011

B’z new single “Don’t Wanna Lie” officially goes on sale today and directly enters the Oricon Daily Single Charts at #1 with having sold 54,248 copies on its day before official release. Sayonara Kizu Darake no Hibi yo, on the other hand, only sold 50,335 copies on its first day in stores. Pop idol group AKB48’s sales have dropped to 21,178 taking 3rd place in the charts.

We’ll see if B’z will be able to enter the Weekly Single Charts at the pole position next wednesday. Especially, now that they’ve announced a new special campaign today (see below).

B’z “Don’t Wanna Lie” Special Bonus Campaign

Everyone, listen up! When you get your new single, read this first, before you throw away the seal that comes with the CD.

B’z has announced a special bonus campaign for Don’t Wanna Lie. People who bought the Limited Edition of the single, can send in the seal (see sample picture below) and get the chance to enter a prize drawing in which 100 people will get an autographed Don’t Wanna Lie flag by B’z! People who bought the Limited and the Regular Edition, can send in both seals and will get a special bonus CD which contains “Don’t Wanna Lie ~Ballad Version~”. Now, here’s the unfortunate thing: The deadline is June 5th June 12th. (stamp date counts)

Because of this, a lot of B’z fans in Japan are now rushing into stores to get their copy of Don’t Wanna Lie and get a shot at getting one of those precious flags and/or the special CD. This will definitely strengthen B’z sales. Was this simply a marketing move to fight off AKB48’s sales? We’ll never know.

You’re probably thinking “Damn, I won’t make it until June 5th!!”. That’s right, I won’t make it either, but, send it in anyway! Perhaps they’ll make an exception since it’s from overseas.

Send your seal to:

Vermillion Records
B’zスペシャル特典 係 (Try to write it in Japanese… else just write “B’z Special Bonus”)
P.O. Box 185
105-8691 (that’s the zip code)

and make sure you include:

– Your Name
– Zip
– Home address
– Age
– Gender
– Phone number
– E-Mail Address (Mobile or PC)

Good luck to everyone!

“Don’t Wanna Lie” Release Message

Posted on May 31, 2011

As usual, here we have the translation of the message from B’z about the release of their new single “Don’t Wanna Lie”! This time, the messages turned out to be a little… weird. But Tak’s message is the same as always. Short and in English. haha

Don’t Wanna Lie Don’t Wanna Lie ♪
Don’t Wanna Lie is finally on sale! Don’t just listen to it when watching Conan, but please also listen to it on the CD.
Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu

☆ Inaba

I don’t wanna lie to you. I wanna be honest.
Feel free to listen to the song!


“Don’t Wanna Lie” as Detective Conan Opening & Commercial on Air

Posted on April 30, 2011

Starting today, “Don’t Wanna Lie” is the new opening to the Detective Conan anime series. The opening includes footage from the PV, which was shot in LA. Hardcore B’z fans will notice that the PV sure does resemble Negai’s PV a bit. The last time they used PV footage for the opening, was with Giri Giri Chop. Also, during the broadcast of Detective Conan, the “Don’t Wanna Lie” commercial was aired. Check both out below.


15 Second B’z Segment To Air During Detective Conan

Posted on April 11, 2011

B’z Official Website states that a 15 second segment will be aired during the broadcast of the Detective Conan 15th anniversary live action special and during the regular broadcast of the Detective Conan series. The live action special airs on April 14/15 and the regular Detective Conan broadcast airs on Saturdays whereas the segment will be aired on April 23th’s episode. The segment will be about their latest song Don’t Wanna Lie which is the theme song to the latest Detective Conan movie “A Quarter of Silence”.

Source: B’z Official Website

B’z New Single “Don’t Wanna Lie” 6/1 On Sale!!

Posted on April 6, 2011

The new single, Sayonara Kizu Darake no Hibi yo, isn’t even out and B’z is announcing the release of another single! Won’t be long until they announce the release of their new album… probably going to be released in July or August. As previously reported, “Don’t Wanna Lie” is going to be featured as the theme song of the new Detective Conan theatrical feature movie “A Quarter of Silence” and the second track “Homebound” is featured as the ending theme to “News 23X”. Looks like this and future singles are going to have the same limited edition: the music video on DVD.

B’z – Don’t Wanna Lie

1. Don’t Wanna Lie
2. Homebound

Price(limited edition w/ DVD): 1470 Yen
Price(regular edition): 1050 Yen

Release date: 2011.06.01

Normal Edition: [YesAsia (Global)] [YesAsia (US)] []

Limited Edition: [YesAsia (Global)] [YesAsia (US)] []

Lastly, a question: Am I the only one who’s irritated by that cover? First, B’z presents us an awesome cover for Sayonara Kizu Darake no Hibi yo and now this? I think it’s a little too plain what the artists did there. What do you think?