Happy New Year 2013 from B’z!

Posted on December 31, 2012

As with every year, B’z has posted a message for their fans on the official fanclub’s website. B’z is now truly 25 years old as the band was founded in 1988. Look forward to those three upcoming LIVE-GYM releases and let’s see what the band has got in store for us this year!

We at OFF THE LOCK also wish you all the best and a happy new year!

6 responses to “Happy New Year 2013 from B’z!”

  1. Kogorou says:

    That’s awesome, I wish them a happy und succesfull year 2013 too.
    Still I demand access to the B’z fanclub as a non-asian fan.

    Everybody have a good year 2013
    ~ Keep on rockin’ ~

  2. Xilas64 says:

    Hey everybody, a happy new year to all, even it is a bit late;). Here is the fishy person again and this person has a question again(it is unbeilevable,(and perhaps impertinent , I know:). But, (Iknow ,I am stupid) how ,on earth catch you these vidiotaping?
    I am an old H.. about the Inaba ‘s age , I think, Iam very stupid.
    So long together XD.

    1. OFF THE LOCK says:

      Happy new year to you, too. As stated in the article, the video has been published on B’z PARTY’s website. You have to be a fanclub member to view it.

  3. Xilas64 says:

    Hey , that was very, very quick :)). Even , if I am impolite, do you live for answering any ???
    I salute you for this site everytime I have a glimpse of it, too.
    Sorry, for missfortune this site, but I have no confidence in Facebook, or others 😉
    A member to B’z fanclub , you have to be more than to know the Kanji , I think.

    1. OFF THE LOCK says:

      Was genau möchtest du mir sagen? Ich verstehe nicht ganz.

  4. Xilas64 says:

    Hallo Tobias,
    auf keinen Fall wollte ich Ihnen zu nahe treten.
    Es ist genau so gemeint , wie es geschrieben steht. Ich bewundere diese Seite genauso, wie sie ist.
    Ebenfalls bewundere ich Ihre Kommunikation in Japanisch.
    Meine Wenigkeit hat da ein paar Probleme.
    Es ist nichts Negatives .
    Falls ich diesen Eindruck hinterlassen habe, entschuldige ich mich.
    Gome nasai gozai masu :).

    P.S, Meine Japanischkenntnisse beruhen nur auf einen knapp 6 monatigen Unterricht. (mit mehren Wochen Pause). Mehr war leider nicht drin .

    V G Xilas 64

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