25th Anniversary Special Digest 1988~2013 Video on YouTube

Posted on June 8, 2013


Following the live broadcast of the 43 minute long 25th Anniversary Special Digest 1988~2013 on NicoNico Video, the video has also been posted on B’z Official YouTube channel. You can watch the video right here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-z9m6V9-Wc.

The video presents a look back on the past 25 years of B’z career, highlighting various milestones:

1988 — B’z debut
1995 —「B’z LIVE-GYM Pleasure’95 “BUZZ!!”」First Stadium Tour
1997 —「B’z LIVE-GYM Pleasure’97 ”FIREBALL”」First Dome Tour
1999 — Tak Matsumoto became the 5th Gibson signature artist and has received his own Gibson signature guitar
2001 — B’z embarks on their first Asia Tour
2002 — B’z embarks on their first North American Tour
2007 — B’z is inducted into the Hollywood Rockwalk as Asia’s first artist

7 responses to “25th Anniversary Special Digest 1988~2013 Video on YouTube”

  1. Kogorou says:

    The B’z Channel link is strange 😀
    PLus the youtube-video is flagged as private 🙁

    1. Tobias says:

      Thanks for pointing that out! It seems that if you forget to prepend “http://” to the URL, WordPress will think it’s a relative path… Wow, they set it to private? That’s a bummer… Probably because there are re-runs of the show on NicoNico today? We shall see…

  2. Kogorou says:

    Okay it works now – time to grab it while we can 😀

  3. Intie says:

    Damn it I don’t recognize the solo at around 17:00. Can someone help me out? Was it part of the “Freeway Jam”?

    1. Tobias says:

      It’s GO FURTHER by Tak Matsumoto.

  4. Larry Wilson says:

    Is there a translation on this yet?

    1. Tobias says:

      We do not consider this worth translating as there is no additional information to be learned from the video. They are just recalling B’z history.

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