Tak Matsumoto Sighted At X Japan MSG Gig

Posted on October 22, 2014
Tak Matsumoto News

Visual Kei band X JAPAN has recently performed at the Madison Square Garden in New York, and Tak Matsumoto attended the show, taking a seat in the VIP section of the venue along with GLAY’s Takuro. A picture surfaced on Twitter showing Tak Matsumoto and Yoshiki doing the X pose.


2 responses to “Tak Matsumoto Sighted At X Japan MSG Gig”

  1. Hokutoman says:

    We are…B’z!!!

    1. Kogorou says:

      We are the Monster, we are GOLD. Because Real Thing shakes us we are a BIG Machine.
      Sometimes we need HOME to make CHANGE THE FUTURE but we will always be one BROTHERHOOD!
      We know our ROOTS because we Don’t Wanna Lie. Things aren’t just Black and White when we are searching for a Brighter Day. The Fever will never beat us because we live in the HEAT and have our own Sanctuary. We Fly The Flag in the Raging River. (I could go on but maybe someone else should do that 😉 )

      YES WE ARE B’z !!!!

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