B’z New Year’s Message for 2015

Posted on January 1, 2015

As is tradition, a special New Year’s greeting from B’z is now available to start off 2015. In it, the band discuss their new album, 2014’s solo activities, and their upcoming tour B’z LIVE-GYM 2015 -EPIC NIGHT-. As we try to do each year, we have already translated it into English and made it available for everyone. Please enjoy, and a Happy New Year to everyone!

7 responses to “B’z New Year’s Message for 2015”

  1. Odon says:

    It’s good to hear them so motivated. They know their last album C’mon wasn’t their best. Let’s hope they really come back with something powerful. Uchouten is already very strong!
    A Happy New B’z Year in sight!

    1. jrum178 says:

      I also didn’t like C’mon when it first came out, but it has grown on me. Hate Ultra Soul and don’t know why they HAD to put that on the album. To me, It’s like a stain that I just can’t get out 🙁 I was overly harsh on C’mon because it had to follow MAGIC, which was MAGICAL. Let’s hope EPIC DAY doesn’t totally suck because… C’MON! It’s named EPIC day. It’s gotta be EPIC! It’s like calling an album Break Through when it’s not a breakthrough. Oops… they’ve already done that lol 😛 Uchoten isn’t amazing though. Even though my toddler is CAPTIVATED by it every time I rewatch the live, it feels like an album hit like Perfect Life or All Out Attack. It doesn’t really feel like an A-SIDE. But, maybe that’s just me… I just hope that Uchoten ISN’T the best song on this album or it is screwed.

      1. barran says:

        Just because you don’t really think Uchouten is amzing, doesn’t make it any less amazing for other people. Even if Uchouten is the best song in the album, doesn’t mean it’s screwed, because your opinion won’t make it any less amazing for other people who listen to it. You know, this is the reason I hardly care about musical criticism anymore, whether it’s amateur or professional. Both of them are becoming more idiotic each time, amateur think that a song is good based on whether is a fast song or slow song. Professional focus on trying too hard to be non-mainstream.
        BTW, can you stop bitching about Ultra Soul? I know you don’t like it, but you don’t have to mention it every single fucking time. A stain? Oh wow, another overreacting fan who act like an asshole because ONE FUCKING SONG.
        Yeah, excellent fan mentality there.

        1. jrum178 says:

          Jeez… someone sounds like they need a nap lol. I’m entitled to my opinion and the right to state that opinion. I didn’t know I complained about Ultra Soul that often. I don’t remember doing it really any more than once, but it is highly overrated in my opinion and last I heard the webmaster shared in that opinion. My point was that it didn’t belong on the album and felt out of place. Anyway, C’mon was okay after a few listens. I’m anxiously awaiting EPIC DAY as I do any B’z release. I never said I didn’t like Uchoten, just that it didn’t feel like a true single. Like. I love Dareka from C’mon, but I wouldn’t release it as a single. Just calm down and let other people express their opinions without attacking their beliefs. I’ve been a B’z fan for 9 years now and I plan to be a fan as long as I continue to breathe.

  2. Odon says:

    Guys, don’t be too hard.

    I think ultra soul is an extraordinary song, but jrum is right: it hadn’t its place on the album C’mon. That is a problem on this album. It has no good ending: Meimei is a weak ballad (of course to my ears, barran, it is not just a question of taste, but if you compare with other ballads B’z did before, you can say Meimei is weaker, without being a bad criticist) and ultra soul 2011 could be accepted as a bonus but not as a song of C’mon itself.
    In my opinion, C’mon would be a superb album if it had less songs. My choice would be the following (even if I know other people for sure won’t share the same choice):

    1- C’mon
    2- Sayonara kizudarake no hibiyo
    3- Hitoshizuku no anata
    4- DAREKA
    5- BOSS
    6- Too Young
    7- The Meister
    8- Dead End

    Eight songs for an album, it is not a problem for me. The first B’z albums had always ten.

    jrum: you know Uchouten won’t be the only good song of EPIC DAY. Albums contain always little jewels (like Too Young or Dead End on C’mon).
    But maybe you’re right, is Uchouten a single-song? I feel the last songs used as singles weren’t the best for that. Sayonara kizudarake no hibiyo sounds like a great album-song, but not really like a single. I think, C’mon or Hitoshizuku no anata would have been better singles.
    GO FOR IT, BABY was a good one, but will probably not appear on EPIC DAY.

    1. barran says:

      Sorry, did I said anything about C’mon? No, I never said anything about C’mon. Honestly, I think it wasn’t as good as Magic. What I’m saying is jrum already going on and on about Uchouten and thinking if it’s the best song in the album, it’s screwed. Right, are you an oracle jrum? Again, did I say anything about Ultra Soul being on C’mon? No, I didn’t. What I said was jrum complaining about Ultra Soul all the fucking time, not because it was on C’mon. Seriously, calling it a stain? Whether it was suitable on C’mon or not, that was pretty dickish of him. Let’s see you make a song that you pour energy into and then someone called it a STAIN? Let’s see how you fucking feel about that.
      Read my post carefully please

      1. barran says:

        And I mean Uchouten being best song on EPIC DAY not C’mon

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