“RED” Release Message & Lyrics Translated!

Posted on June 10, 2015

B’z 52nd single 「RED」 is officially out today, and has already sold 71,001 copies pre-release day, topping the Oricon daily chart. As usual, Tak and Koshi turn to their fans and released a message celebrating the release of their new CD. We have translated it for you — as always! Don’t forget to check out the translated lyrics in the B’z Wiki!

For those of you that have ordered the “Wristband Edition”: 100 copies have been signed by Tak, Koshi and Hiroki Kuroda! Perhaps you’re one of the lucky ones to receive one!


1 response to ““RED” Release Message & Lyrics Translated!”

  1. Kogorou says:

    I thought about getting the wrist-band edition at first but settled for the CD+DVD … damn it 😛
    Ah well. It’s still a nice tune.

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