B’z Pleasure in Hawaii Setlist (09.29.2018)

Posted on September 29, 2018

B’z have wrapped up their 30th year with a pair of fanclub-only performances in Hawaii. The show was performed over two days at two separate venues with the second also being streamed live to Japanese theaters.

The eighteen-song setlist included fan favorites from the anniversary tour that completed its run a week earlier but reshuffled. Most importantly, the shows featured the returns of numerous longtime fan requests. Some dated back to appearances 27 years ago.

The setlist has been posted below, no home video release has been announced at this time but it is possible the show could be packaged with an eventual release of B’z LIVE-GYM Pleasure 2018 -HINOTORI- sometime next year.

B’z PARTY Presents B’z Pleasure in Hawaii Setlist
[September 29, 2018 at Neal S. Blaisdell Concert Hall]

Opening SE: “United States National Anthem” Performed by Tak Matsumoto

1. Mienai Chikara ~INVISIBLE ONE~
3. Hadashi no Megami
4. Wonderful Opportunity
6. Blue Sunshine
7. Kienai Niji
8. Koi-Gokoro (KOI-GOKORO)
10. Ichibu to Zenbu
11. Majestic (New Song)
13. Brotherhood
14. ultra soul
15. Ai no Bakudan
16. Pleasure 2018 ~Jinsei no Kairaku~
17. HEAT
18. Glory Days

★ denotes a rare or otherwise notable inclusion

Tour Notes to Date
With last performance included where applicable

Mienai Chikara ~INVISIBLE ONE~BLOWIN’Hadashi no MegamiWonderful OpportunityKoi-Gokoro (KOI-GOKORO)OH! GIRLIchibu to ZenbuOCEANBrotherhoodultra soulAi no BakudanPleasure 2018 ~Jinsei no Kairaku~
Performed earlier during B’z LIVE-GYM Pleasure 2018 -HINOTORI- in different order with some only played on select dates

Performed for first time in 27 years, since B’z LIVE-GYM “Pleasure’91”

Blue SunshineHEAT
Performed for first time in 3 years, since B’z LIVE-GYM 2015 -EPIC NIGHT-

Kienai Niji
Performed for first time in 22 years, since B’z LIVE-GYM ’96 “Spirit LOOSE”

Performed for first time

Glory Days
Performed for first time in 10 years, since B’z LIVE-GYM Pleasure 2008 -GLORY DAYS-