9 responses to “B’z Debut English Album Available NOW Worldwide on iTunes!”

  1. dt says:

    love it, though I think Koshi sounds weird on Love Bomb. it’s not really a style I’m used to from him, but I’m sure I’ll come around to it eventually. still, I thought it was good and the rest of the EP is great.

  2. Tomari Inaba says:

    You’ve got the key to unlock the door
    Don’t be afraid, the fear is no more
    Take the first step to the other side
    Can I see it’s shining?(***<— i filled the blank.. please check out :D###)
    It's bright the port ago.(***<— i filled the blank.. please check out :D###)
    It's shining bright, urutora soul!

    Have some faith in yourself, you don't pray the way for you.(***<— i filled the blank.. please check out :D###)
    You can make it happen if you (believe, believe)

  3. Tomari Inaba says:

    Well, i still need help if someone could correct them for me…. my english is not good enough 😀

  4. Tomari Inaba says:

    Use your key to open the door
    Don’t let fear hold you back anymore
    Take a look inside and you might be surprised
    At the wonderful life that’s waiting there (go and get it)
    Free yourself, let the love be your guide
    Can I see it’s shining?(*)
    So, brighten the port ago.(*)<—– the other two… 😀
    It's shining bright, urutora soul!

  5. Tomari Inaba says:

    and for love bomb… i guess

    In too deep, (### -> it’s currying me. <-###) ain't sound like "killing"
    Is it headed for a dead-end course?
    1-2-3, what I let it reveal
    An almost-certain tendency

    please check out for me …. thank you … B'z rocks!

  6. Tomari Inaba says:

    one last thing!

    Splash… i guess

    Ain’t for wave of craving need today (### It’s a new spray ###)<–this one 😀

  7. Lebon14 says:

    @dl I agree with you. Koshi on Love Bomb extremely awkward. It’s like he’s singing off-rhythm. But for the choruses, it’s all good.
    The rest of the EP is amazing. Splash is proably my favorite English version. I love the fact that they left “California splash!” in! I’m certain that Koshi will change “California” with the place they are performing. It’s awesome.

    Anyways, worth my 3.70$.

  8. Felipe says:

    Oh my God, i am From Brazil, And i will buy the álbum in ITunes.

  9. musikuss says:

    To be honest, i don’t like these 4 new English Versions at all.
    They sound like an Emo American Teenage Pop/Rock Band and Koshi’s sounds weird.
    The Songs just don’t work in English for me.

    Into free Dangan was really good, but the rest not so.

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