B’z Debut English Album Available NOW Worldwide on iTunes!

Posted on July 25, 2012 by Jd- in News

B'z has unleashed their debut English album, and have done so on the world! The album that contains Love Bomb, Splash, Juice, Ultra Soul, and Into Free -Dangan- all in English is now available worldwide on iTunes, in over sixty countries! Click your country below to get it!

Flag United States
Flag United Kingdom
Flag Australia Flag Japan
Flag Germany Flag New Zealand Flag Philippines
Flag Mexico
Flag France Flag Czech Republic Flag Singapore
Flag Argentina
Flag Italy Flag Hungary Flag Vietnam
Flag Brazil
Flag Spain Flag Norway Flag Malaysia
Flag Chile
Flag Netherlands Flag Bulgaria Flag Hong Kong
Flag Colombia
Flag Ireland Flag Romania
Flag Taiwan
Flag Venezuela
Flag Austria Flag Slovakia Flag Thailand
Flag Costa Rica
Flag Belgium Flag Malta
Flag Laos
Flag Dominican Rep.
Flag Switzerland Flag Cyprus Flag Cambodia
Flag Ecuador
Flag Sweden
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Flag Sri Lanka
Flag Bolivia Flag Portugal Flag Luxembourg
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  1. love it, though I think Koshi sounds weird on Love Bomb. it’s not really a style I’m used to from him, but I’m sure I’ll come around to it eventually. still, I thought it was good and the rest of the EP is great.

  2. You’ve got the key to unlock the door
    Don’t be afraid, the fear is no more
    Take the first step to the other side
    Can I see it’s shining?(***<— i filled the blank.. please check out :D###)
    It's bright the port ago.(***<— i filled the blank.. please check out :D###)
    It's shining bright, urutora soul!

    Have some faith in yourself, you don't pray the way for you.(***<— i filled the blank.. please check out :D###)
    You can make it happen if you (believe, believe)

  3. Well, i still need help if someone could correct them for me…. my english is not good enough 😀

  4. Use your key to open the door
    Don’t let fear hold you back anymore
    Take a look inside and you might be surprised
    At the wonderful life that’s waiting there (go and get it)
    Free yourself, let the love be your guide
    Can I see it’s shining?(*)
    So, brighten the port ago.(*)<—– the other two… 😀
    It's shining bright, urutora soul!

  5. and for love bomb… i guess

    In too deep, (### -> it’s currying me. <-###) ain't sound like "killing"
    Is it headed for a dead-end course?
    1-2-3, what I let it reveal
    An almost-certain tendency

    please check out for me …. thank you … B'z rocks!

  6. one last thing!

    Splash… i guess

    Ain’t for wave of craving need today (### It’s a new spray ###)<–this one 😀

  7. @dl I agree with you. Koshi on Love Bomb extremely awkward. It’s like he’s singing off-rhythm. But for the choruses, it’s all good.
    The rest of the EP is amazing. Splash is proably my favorite English version. I love the fact that they left “California splash!” in! I’m certain that Koshi will change “California” with the place they are performing. It’s awesome.

    Anyways, worth my 3.70$.

  8. Oh my God, i am From Brazil, And i will buy the álbum in ITunes.

  9. To be honest, i don’t like these 4 new English Versions at all.
    They sound like an Emo American Teenage Pop/Rock Band and Koshi’s sounds weird.
    The Songs just don’t work in English for me.

    Into free Dangan was really good, but the rest not so.

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