Now Available: A Special “Love Bomb” Lyric Video!

Posted on January 2, 2017 by Jd- in Translations, Videos

Given the rising popularity of lyric videos in today's internet music culture, we decided to try our hand at creating one featuring a B'z song. The song we decided to work with was the English tune "Love Bomb", itself being a new rendition of the 2005 Japanese single "Ai no Bakudan".

(Update for 2017—This edition of the song was previously released in 2012 as part of the band's debut English album but was recently delisted from international iTunes stores with the coming of the new year. A similar delisting followed after five years of availability for the band's 2007 International EP. It bears noting that "Into Free -Dangan-" remains available worldwide as a single.)

As a bonus: You can also now download a collection of eight custom wallpapers inspired by this project right here. Each wallpaper was created for a resolution of 1920x1080 but should scale nicely to any widescreen resolution.

“B’z (English Album)” Retrospective

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With this being the 25th anniversary year for B'z, we have decided to run a series of retrospectives throughout the year celebrating the band's achievements and accomplishments. Essentially, we will be providing extensive write-ups on certain B'z albums, singles, tours, and related subjects on a regular basis for the entire year. All articles pertaining to this feature will also be simultaneously archived in the B'z Wiki for posterity.

Today, we're looking back into the very near past for an in-depth look at the recent English album B'z, with as much information as you could possibly want on the recent English songs!

Should you prefer to read this article in Wiki form, you can do so right here!

B'z (English Album)

B'z is the self-titled debut English album by B'z, released worldwide via iTunes on July 25, 2012. The five-track album contains new English reversions of a selection of popular B'z singles released between 1998 and 2006. The newly-written English lyrics were a collaboration between Koshi and longtime drummer of the band, Shane Gaalaas. Along with Cory Churko, Shane was entrusted with mixing of the album due to the band's trust in his familiarity with the B'z sound and vision.

"Love Bomb", an English version of 2005 B'z single "Ai no Bakudan", served as the opening track to the album as well as the theme to a summer campaign for Pepsi NEX in Japan. Months before, the closing track "Into Free -Dangan-" was made the global theme to the Capcom video game Dragon's Dogma and was released as a digital single on April 3, 2012.

The release was supported by B'z LIVE-GYM 2012 -Into Free-, a seven date tour of both coasts of the United States and Canada in the fall of 2012. All songs were performed on the tour, with "Splash", "Juice", and "Into Free -Dangan-" having debuted in the setlist to the previous year's tour, B'z LIVE-GYM 2011 -long time no see-.

B’z J-WAVE Radio Segment Translation

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Koshi: Good afternoon to everyone who tuned into J-WAVE HOLIDAY SPECIAL: PEPSI NEX presents ALL TOGETHER NOW. I'm Koshi Inaba.
Tak: And I'm Tak Matsumoto.
Koshi: So, today's topic is what you could enjoy with somebody, what could get you excited. In other words: "Together!". What we've been producing as B'z together with everyone else's effort is the latest installment in our series of Pepsi NEX commercials.
Tak: Right. I'm sure you've seen it. It conveys a summer feeling and is really bright!
Koshi: Yeah. There was a concert scene in a country to the south and everybody was standing around.
Tak: The main point of the commercial was our live performance and a lot of people would just stream into the audience.
Koshi: It looked just like a normal live performance. Everyone was getting excited about it. We all created a "Together", indeed.
Tak: That's right.
Koshi: If you haven't seen it yet, feel free to switch on the TV. You should see it if you zap through the channels a bit.
Tak: Yes. (laughs)
Koshi: Feel free to watch it. The song that's playing in the commercial is one we've produced by the title of "Love Bomb". It's a song you've all probably heard already, because it's the English version of a hit song we released in 2005, "Ai no Bakudan". The song didn't just receive an English version but has also been re-recorded.
Tak: Yeah.
Koshi: In other words, we've used a re-recorded song for this commercial.
Tak: Yeah, but I have to say I enjoyed re-recording an old song from years ago and seeing how it turned out.
Koshi: That's true. Right when we were working on it, Pepsi approached us with their summer version of a commercial and I think they were a perfect match. Now, please have a listen to "Love Bomb".
「Love Bomb」 Full version on air