Pepsi NEX presents B’z PREMIUM LIVE Report

Posted on August 30, 2012

Last night, B’z returned to Osaka Namba Hatch where the 2006 Network Live took place that was later released on DVD and Blu-ray as B’z Live in Namba. This was the first of two limited events available to people who collected enough points gathered from specially-branded Pepsi items. Those who entered were eligible for a chance to receive double tickets good at either venue.

Fifteen songs were played at the show, including all of the songs from the recent English album. Although Juice, Into Free -Dangan, Splash, and Ultra Soul had been played lived in English before, this marked the first time Love Bomb has been performed on stage. In addition, the most recent single, GO FOR IT, BABY -Kioku no Sanmyaku-, also saw its live debut. A number of old favorites were revived for this setlist, including some not played in several years now.

The biggest surprise of the night was a B’z version of the song HEAT that Tak and Koshi recently wrote for Korean artist Kim Hyung Joong’s latest Japanese single. Japanese fans have been clamoring for a B’z version since it was announced that they would be contributing to the song, and now they have it–in live form, at least. Whether or not this opens up the possibility to a future studio version as a potential B-side remains to be seen.

Since the setlist of songs played in this show may reflect a portion of those played during the upcoming tour in North America, we won’t be posting the full listing here to avoid spoiling anything for those attending.

The second of the two premium live concerts is scheduled to take place in Tokyo on Saturday at STUDIO COAST.

8 responses to “Pepsi NEX presents B’z PREMIUM LIVE Report”

  1. Odon says:

    I wonder how was this version of HEAT because the first one with Kim young joon was so weak… Could only be better.

  2. Christian says:

    I am still confused by the collaboration with Kim Hyun-joong. Neither Kim Hyun-joong nor the song itself is, in my opinion, anything like B’z.

    Still, I am curious about their own version. As Odon said, it can only be better.

    The set list was a real surprise to me, I must say. A lot of songs I hadn’t expected were included. I hope there will be some live footage, be it official or fan-made.

    I believe, after the concerts, pepsi NEX will be at least as happy as the B’z fans 😉

  3. Lebon14 says:

    I’m surprised by Heat. It could be another Pierrot.

  4. ak says:

    Any chance you could post the setlist under a cut or some sort of spoiler button? Or a link? Would like to see what oldies they played..

  5. ak says:

    Btw, did you remove the B’z net party forum?:(

  6. jimu00 says:

    Good call on not posting the setlist! Gonna try to be surprised for once in Toronto!

  7. Andrew says:

    Hmm, I disagree with Heat not sounding like a B’z song. I kept telling my friend that I fully expected them to have a version of the song at some point. I can totally picture Koshi singing it and with a lot more feeling than Kim Hyun-Joon, though I didn’t mind his version too much.

  8. Chi says:

    I’m also curious about B’z version of Heat, maybe it would be released as 2nd beat in future or such 🙂
    I would love them to make one performance via Ustream as year ago, setlist is so worth it.

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