B’z Participating In Music For Relief

Posted on March 23, 2011

Linkin Park’s non-profit organization “Music For Relief” has started to collect donations for earthquake victims in Japan. If you donate only $10, you’ll get access to a growing number of songs available for download. B’z, among others, has contributed a song to the tracklist: The English version of HOME.

If you’d like to donate $10 to the earthquake victims, head over to http://japan.downloadtodonate.org/. You can donate using your credit card or PayPal.

Music for Relief: http://www.musicforrelief.org/main/

2 responses to “B’z Participating In Music For Relief”

  1. nuralisya says:

    aa, it’s been long time i wanna collaboration work between B’z and Linkin Park.
    this is their first time, no?

    oh, wait .. i guess they probably met before at Super Sonic.
    Tajomaru movie also used B’z and Chester’s Sunrise theme songs.

    i love HOME.
    but for this project… i think PRAY is much suitable to be include in the tracklist.
    but it’s ok. anything of B’z will do.

  2. anjoschka178 says:

    I think Home is the right song for the tracklist.
    Donate some $ and listen now to B’z – Home (engl. Version)
    Hope so much Japan overcome the crisis.

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