「New Horizon」Special Campaign Announced

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As the release of Tak Matsumoto's upcoming new solo album 「New Horizon」draws near, details for the previously announced special campaign to tie in with the release have been announced. Every copy of 「New Horizon」will come with a special card that will allow you to take part in a drawing to win one of 300「New Horizon」limited edition vinyl LPs!!

Details on how to participate in the lucky draw will be printed on the card that comes with the CD. We will update you once we get our copy!


Tak Matsumoto LIVE 2014 -New Horizon- Tour Logo Revealed

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The tour logo for Tak Matsumoto's solo tour in support of his upcoming album 「New Horizon」has been revealed. The logo is consistent with the art we see on New Horizon's cover: It contains the shape of a Gibson Firebird. And that's because Tak had Gibson build him a custom Gibson Firebird prototype which he used (among other guitars) for the production of the album. We may see a Tak Matsumoto Gibson Firebird model in the future.



Tak Matsumoto’s 「New Horizon」in the Media

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Tak Matsumoto with one of his new prototype guitar models: A Gibson Firebird. (Cover of JAZZ JAPAN)

Select music magazines will cover Tak Matsumoto's upcoming album「New Horizon」in the coming days/weeks. In particular, Tak will be on the cover of the upcoming issue of JAZZ JAPAN, Player and Guitar Magazine. In addition, these magazines contain an interview regarding Tak Matsumoto's new solo album.

Furthermore, Tak Matsumoto will make guest appearances on select radio shows to promote and talk about his new album. You can find more information below.


Magazine Release date Contents
WHAT's IN? April 14th Interview
JAZZ JAPAN April 21st Cover & Interview
GiGS April 26th Interview
Player May 2nd Cover & Interview
YOUNG GUITAR May 10th Interview
Guitar Magazine May 13th Cover & Interview
Jazz Life May 14th Interview

Radio shows

<Tokyo Area>
Radio station Time (JST) Additional information
TOKYO FM『Dear Friends』
April 21st 11:00~11:30 All stations part of the Japan FM Network
J-WAVE「BEAT PLANET」(During the show)
April 23rd 13:00~13:10
April 24th 13:00~13:10
Will appear two days in a row
bayfm『with you』
April 30th 13:00~15:50 Will appear at around 14:00


<Nagoya Area>
Radio station Time (JST) Additional information
April 30th 15:00~18:55 Will just leave a comment
May 3rd 19:00~23:00


<Osaka Area>
Radio station Time (JST) Additional information
April 28th 7:00~11:00
April 28th 13:00~16:00 Will just leave a comment
April 30th 11:00~14:00
May 1st 11:00~14:00
Will appear two days in a row
May 4th 19:00~22:00

Koshi Inaba New Album「Singing Bird」5/21 Out!!

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After a 4 year hiatus, Koshi has today announced that his new solo album 「Singing Bird」will be released on May 21st, 2014. The album is not, as we feared, going to be a digital-only release, coming in a regular CD and a limited CD+DVD edition. It includes the previously released digital singles「Nensho」and「Nakinagara」as well as the tie-up song 「oh my love」, which is featured in Olympus' latest line of commercials. The overall album consists of 12 tracks which portrait a very distinct world that Koshi has created for his listeners.

The limited edition comes with a DVD which contains the music videos to 「Nensho」, 「Nakinagara」, 「oh my love」 and 「Stay Free」.

NEW ALBUM「Singing Bird」

Price(CD): 3,024 Yen (tax included)
Price(CD+DVD): 3,780 Yen (tax included)

12 tracks - track order to be announced:
・ oh my love (featured in Olympus' commercials)
・ Nensho
・ Nakinagara
・ Stay Free
・ Jimmy no Asa
・ Cross Creek
・ Golden Road
・ Bicycle Girl
・ Kodoku no Susume
・ Tomo Yo
・ photograph
・ Route 53


Koshi Inaba “Nakinagara” Music Video Subtitled

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Click here to view the full romanized, kanji, and English lyrics

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Koshi Inaba Digital Exclusive Single「Nakinagara」Out Now!

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Hot on the heels of last month's digital debut from Koshi Inaba comes the soulful ballad "Nakinagara" (泣きながら)! The follow-up to "Nensho" is likewise a digital exclusive single available on all major Japanese digital platforms for 250 yen. A full music video was also uploaded to the B'z YouTube channel here.

Along with the release, the support members for Koshi Inaba LIVE 2014 ~en-ball~, coming up in June of this year, have been announced. Keyboardist Kousuke Ooshima, who previously toured with B'z during LIVE-GYM '98 "SURVIVE" as Takanobu Masuda's short-term replacement for 1998, will be joining Koshi for the year's solo dates. Corey McCormick will again be providing bass as he did in 2010's ~enII~ tour, while drums will be provided by SATOKO from the Japanese rock band "FUZZY CONTROL". Guitar will be handled jointly by Duran (Made in Asia, undervar) and JUON (FUZZY CONTROL).

Further information on Koshi's remaining solo releases for the year are forthcoming, along with a full translation and transcription of the new song's lyrics as well as a subtitled edition of the music video. Stay tuned!


Tak Matsumoto New Album 「New Horizon」 2014/04/30 Out!!

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Tak Matsumoto has announced the release date for his highly anticipated new solo album today. The title is going to be New Horizon, and just as the title implies, it's an album containing a variety of new sounds brought forth by the countless possibilities of instrumental music. The song "New Horizon", featured in transportation company Sagawa's commercials, is going to be the lead title for the new album with the same name. Furthermore, the album will feature a variety of new songs and cover songs alike: A new song titled Feel like a woman tonite featuring American soul singer Wendy Moten, a re-recorded version of the 2003 anime special "Black Jack Special" theme song BLACK JACK and the song Rain performed during B'z 25th anniversary tour B'z LIVE-GYM Pleasure 2013 -ENDLESS SUMMER-. The album also includes the famous jazz number Take 5 which has previously been covered by Tak on his first solo album Thousand Wave. In addition to these new songs, covers of Masahiro Kuwana's Tsuki no Akari and GARO's Gakuseigai no Kissaten will be included in the new album for a total 12 tracks filled with smooth jazz elements.

As with Tak's previous solo album "Strings Of My Soul" in 2012, the album is again tentatively scheduled for an international release following the domestic Japanese launch. Paul Brown is again producing the album and will oversee its western release.

Moreover, a special campaign will be launched to coincide with the Japan release of the album. More information on the campaign will be revealed at a later date.

「New Horizon」

1. New Horizon (featured in Sagawa's TV commercials)
2. Take 5
3. Feel like a woman tonite (Vocals by Wendy Moten)
4. Rodeo Blues
5. Island of peace
6. That’s Cool
7. Shattered Glass
8 Tsuki no Akari
9. Reason to be…
11. Gakuseigai no Kissaten
12. Rain

Release: 2014/04/30 (International release pending announcement)
Price: 2,800 Yen


Koshi Inaba “Nensho” Music Video Subtitled

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Click here to view the full romanized, kanji, and English lyrics


Koshi Inaba’s New Song To Be Featured in Olympus TV Commercial

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More solo news! Koshi Inaba's new song 「oh my love」 will be featured in the new line of Olympus commercials. The commercial starring Japanese soccer player Keisuke Honda will advertise Olympus' new mirrorless camera OM-D E-M10. The commercial is set to be on air Japan-wide from March 7th. More details on "oh my love" as well as the forthcoming new album will be revealed at a later date.

Update: The commercial is now live on YouTube! Check it out below.


Koshi Inaba Website Launched & New Digital Single Out Now!

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Now that B'z have wrapped up their massive 25th anniversary year and recently released its epic home video to tap things off, the team are taking a break for a few months to concentrate on solo efforts before they reconvene for B'z activities.

Today, Koshi has launched a brand new solo website and with it comes some exciting news. Unexpectedly, Koshi is not only launching his own website today but is also releasing a BRAND NEW DIGITAL SINGLE, available right now on a variety of Japanese music outlets! The song is entitled "Nensho" (We will post information on purchasing it for yourself shortly, should you wish to obtain it for your collection.)

Along with the new single comes news of Koshi's plans for 2014. While more releases are expected, it has also been officially announced that Koshi Inaba LIVE 2014 ~en-ball~ will take place over ten dates beginning June 5 and ending June 20. Interestingly, every show will take place at just one venue, the Shinagawa Stellar Ball in Tokyo. Further live dates may be forthcoming; we'll keep you posted as to any further announcements.

Additionally, those that wish to sample Koshi's past solo work are now in luck, as all of his music videos are now available in full on the official B'z YouTube channel. Check out the full playlist right here!

The official website promises monthly updates as Koshi prepares his solo material for the year. Listen to the new song below and check out the official website where you can also hear the song at: http://www.en-zine.jp/