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[UPDATE] B’z LIVE-GYM 2022 & New 2022 Studio Album Teased

Posted on December 25, 2021

B’z have streamed their most recent live concert “B’z presents LIVE FRIENDS” on December 24th, 2021. At the end of the stream, “LIVE-GYM 2022 Tour Confirmed!!” was shown on-screen followed by website updates shortly thereafter.

Further details regarding the 2022 tour as well as the upcoming new studio album will be revealed in January. Stay tuned, everyone!

Some dates already seem to have been posted at the respective venues, such as this one below for Hiroshima Green Arena, taking place June 25th and 26th, 2022.

[UPDATE 27/12/2021]
Currently the following shows and dates are confirmed:

May 21st, 22nd — Shizuoka
May 26th, 28th, 29th — Tokyo
June 9th, 11th, 12th — Ehime
June 25th, 26th — Hiroshima
July 1st, 2nd — Fukuoka
July 9th, 10th — Osaka
July 16th, 17th — Okinawa
August 11th, 13th, 14th — Yokohama

New Concept Album “FRIENDS III” Releases December 8!

Posted on October 22, 2021

The previously teased “FRIENDS III” concept album has finally received a release date: December 8, 2021! After “FRIENDS II” made a departure from the concept to follow a narrative with its “AOR” concept, “FRIENDS III” returns to the original concept by telling a story throughout each of the seven tracks featured on the album.

In addition, a newly recorded version of the classic “Itsuka no Merry Christmas” is featured as a music video on DVD on the limited edition of the release.

“FRIENDS III” will see its live debut during the upcoming concerts “B’z presents LIVE FRIENDS” scheduled to take place on November 16/17, 2021.


Release Date: 08/12/2021
Price: 2500 JPY + tax

2.Season End (シーズンエンド)
3.midare chiru (ミダレチル)
4.Friends Ⅲ
6.konna toki dake anata ga koishii (こんな時だけあなたが恋しい)

B’z Announce “B’z presents LIVE FRIENDS” & Tease “FRIENDS III” Album

Posted on October 17, 2021

Just as the band’s most recent and first ever rock project “B’z presents UNITE #01” wraps up, B’z continues their activities by announcing a pair of live shows titled “B’z presents LIVE FRIENDS“. The two in-person shows held at Tokyo Garden Theatre on November 16 and 17 will follow the “FRIENDS” motto under which B’z have already released “FRIENDS” and “FRIENDS II“.

The two in-person live shows are followed by a live stream of the show on December 24th, which is available as a video-on-demand afterwards until January 3, 2022. Fanclub members will get to see an exclusive 30 minute making-of video in addition.

In addition to the live shows, the band has teased the release of their upcoming concept album “FRIENDS III” which marks the release of their first concept album in 25 years following the release of “FRIENDS II” in 1996. The songs for “FRIENDS III” were created by Tak during his quarantine times as he moved back and forth between Japan and the U.S during the on-going pandemic. No further details on the album content are known except that it is coming “this winter” and will be released following the two live shows.

B’z presents LIVE FRIENDS

Tokyo Garden Theatre — November 16, 2021 OPEN: 16:00 (JST) START: 17:30 (JST)
Tokyo Garden Theatre — November 17, 2021 OPEN: 16:00 (JST) START: 17:30 (JST)

Live Stream — December 24, 2021 START: 20:00 (JST)
Video-on-Demand — December 24, 2021~January 3, 2022

SS Ticket (front row; fanclub only): 19,000 JPY
S Ticket: 15,000 JPY
Live Stream: 4,500 JPY

B’z Support Members:
Akira Onozuka (Keyboard), Yoshinobu Ohga (Guitar), Yukihide“YT”Takiyama (Bass), Noriyasu “Kaasuke” Kawamura (Drums)

FRIENDS Special Band:
<Percussion> Nobu Saito, <Chorus> Yuiko Tsubokura, <Violin>・1st Rie Kodera, Kie Terashima, Mai Tanizaki, ・2nd Erina Sato, Kei Amano, Momoko Arai, <Viola> Yoko Mitani, Hirono Ohtsuji, <Cello> Kazune Koshikawa, Chiharu Miki, <Flute> Rie Akagi, <Saxophone> Fire Watanabe, <Trumpet> Osamu Ueishi, <Trombone> Azusa Tojo

B’z Releases New Song “UNITE” October 1st

Posted on September 17, 2021

B’z have announced that they will release a new song titled “UNITE” on October 1st. The new song will be available on streaming services as well as a digital single for download. The band has also released a teaser together with the announcement.

The song ties into the Band’s first rock project titled “B’z presents UNITE #01” scheduled to kick off tomorrow, September 18. B’z will be performing together with GLAY and MR. CHILDREN respectively on these dates:


September 18, 2021 — Osaka
September 19, 2021 — Osaka

Live-Stream: October 4th, 2021 ~ October 10th, 2021


September 28, 2021 — Yokohama
September 29, 2021 — Yokohama

Live-Stream: October 11th, 2021 ~ October 17th, 2021

Every B’z Single & Album Now Streaming WORLDWIDE on Spotify & More!

Posted on May 21, 2021

It’s been a long wait, but B’z fans everywhere have reason to celebrate today: Virtually the entire catalogue of Japan’s best-selling rock band is now streaming worldwide on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music! *Please note active subscriptions are required to listen to the full catalogue on the latter services. And not only can you hear every B’z single and album, but you can also explore the solo works of Koshi Inaba and Tak Matsumoto at your leisure!

Please note that applicable song titles are shown in Japanese, but you can see romanized and translated versions on various B’z Wiki pages, including the Lyrics & Translations page, the B’z singles page, the B’z albums page, and elsewhere!

Also feel free to share any playlists you come up with in the comments!

Stream B’z on Spotify here!

Stream Koshi Inaba’s solo works here!

Stream Tak Matsumoto’s solo works here!

Here’s what you can find streaming now:

An all-new song! With this streaming debut comes the studio version of “Kimi to Nara” (previously only heard live during B’z LIVE-GYM 2019 -Whole Lotta NEW LOVE-)

・All 53 singles and their B-sides (from 1988’s “Dakara Sono Te wo Hanashite” through “Seimei/Still Alive“)

・All 21 studio albums (the self-titled debut through NEW LOVE)

・The self-titled 2012 English album featuring five English reversions of classic B’z songs

・All 9 compilation albums (from 1998’s B’z The Best “Pleasure” to B’z The Best XXV 1999-2012)

・All 5 mini-albums (from BAD COMMUNICATION to FRIENDS II)

As for what you won’t find streaming on Spotify or for purchase on any other digital stores:

・Just like the Japanese iTunes, some special versions of songs & hidden tracks are not available for streaming. This includes the short acoustic demo of “HOME” found at the end of “RUN -1998 style-” at the end of B’z The Best “Treasure”, the hidden track “spirit loose II” at the end of LOOSE, and the dance version of “Itsuka no Merry Christmas” at the end of The Ballads ~Love & B’z~.

・The 2007 International EP is again not available for purchase or streaming and hasn’t been since 2012. However, the English version of “Home” released here can still be heard on B’z The Best “ULTRA Treasure”.

・The bonus tracks from The Complete B’z (a Japanese iTunes exclusive collection from 2005) remain missing and also have not been available since 2012.

・Both the first and second volumes of the vocal-less karaoke collections released in 1992 and 1996. Special karaoke reversions, and limited versions of songs found on limited prints of certain singles, are also not included.

・Some obsolete releases for which all tracks are gathered elsewhere. For example, the digital singles that would later be gathered as B-sides on the “Seimei/Still Alive” single.

・The studio version of “HINOTORI” released only as a bonus with B’z LIVE-GYM Pleasure 2018 -HINOTORI-.

B’z have also posted a preview of a few songs you can now stream, from a never-before-seen studio performance!

* While it is confirmed that the catalogue is currently streaming on Spotify in every market as of May 21, 2021 midnight local time, availability may vary for other streaming services.

「B’z SHOWCASE 2020 -5 ERAS 8820-」Online Concerts Announced

Posted on September 13, 2020

B’z have this week announced their online concert event 「B’z SHOWCASE 2020 -5 ERAS 8820-」. This will be the first full online event to take place without an audience for the band. As indicated by the title, the online concert event will be a series of 5 concerts — each dedicated to one of 5 eras of B’z past career. To make that happen, B’z has teamed up with several Japanese streaming services such as “pia live stream”, “LINE live” and “GYAO!”. A “ticket” to view the concerts costs 3500 Japanese Yen.

A special package for the concerts is available to B’z PARTY fanclub members. Before each show, a special interview with the band will be streamed.

In a message to fans that has been posted on the website, B’z share some thoughts on the event. Originally, the SHOWCASE was planned to be an actual concert taking place at the newly opened Zepp Haneda in Tokyo. However, given the current situation, this was not possible. They also promised that the set list for each show will be entirely different. Tak indicated that he now has to practice 80 songs — quite a challenge. Each concert will feature songs specific to that era.

On the supporting staff, B’z have resorted to sticking with previous Japanese support members — making this the first time in a while that B’z has performed with all Japanese support members.


DAY 1 — October 31, 2020 // OPEN: 18:00 START: 19:00
DAY 2 — November 7, 2020 // OPEN: 18:00 START: 19:00
DAY 3 — November 14, 2020 // OPEN: 18:00 START: 19:00
DAY 4 — November 21, 2020 // OPEN: 18:00 START: 19:00
DAY 5 — November 28, 2020 // OPEN: 18:00 START: 19:00

*NOTE: “OPEN” indicates the time the live stream channel is opened.
*NOTE2: The events will NOT be live. Pre-recorded performances are streamed on the respective date and time.

Support Members

Day1, Day2, Day5Takanobu Masuda (Keyboards), Yoshinobu Ohga (Guitar), Ikkoh Tanaka (Drums), Akihito Tokunaga (Bass)
Day3, Day4: Takanobu Masuda (Keyboards), Yoshinobu Ohga (Guitar), Kaichi Kurose (Drums), Showtaro Mitsuzono (Bass)