Now Subtitled: 「Uchouten」 Performance & Interview on Music Station

Posted on December 28, 2014 by Jd- in Translations

Just weeks ahead of the band unleashing their 51st single and first in over two years, B'z made an appearance as one of the headlining artists for this year's four-hour 「Music Station Super Live」 program just this past Friday. The band gave a brief interview and performed their newest work, 「Uchouten」, which will officially go on sale January 14th, 2015. We've taken the liberty of subtitling their full appearance, along with translating the new song in full--already! You can view the full video on Dailymotion as shown above. Additionally, you may view the full lyrics to the new single here on the B'z Wiki.

B’z Performing On「Shinnen Dakara Kantetsu De Ongaku Night」1/3

Posted on December 22, 2014 by Tobias in News

More TV appearance news are out! The band has announced that they will be performing on Fuji TV's「Shinnen Dakara Kantetsu De Ongaku Night」scheduled to air January 3rd, 2015 from 12:50AM to 4:50AM. B'z is listed only as a "Live Guest" and not as a "Live & Talk Guest". Therefore, there will probably be no interview of sorts.

「Uchouten」TV Commercial On Air

Posted on December 20, 2014 by Tobias in News

The first TV commercial for B'z upcoming new single「Uchouten」aired today during Detective Conan. The video itself might be part of the music video, which we expect will be posted very soon!

「Uchouten」Pre-Order Bonus Designs Revealed

Posted on December 17, 2014 by Tobias in News

The designs for the pre-order bonus you receive, when pre-ordering B'z upcoming 51st single「Uchouten」, have been revealed. At the top, you will find two poster designs you can choose from when you pre-ordered the new single in a store in Japan. At the bottom, you will find the alternate cover design you will receive if you pre-ordered online.

B’z Performing On「CDTV Special! New Year Premium Live 2014 -> 2015」Dec 31st

Posted on December 17, 2014 by Tobias in News


In addition to the already planned performances on「Music Station Super Live 2014」and「LIVE MONSTER」, the band has announced that they are going to perform on the CDTV new year countdown special. The「CDTV Special! New Year Premium Live 2014 -> 2015」will air on December 31st, 2014 11:45 PM on TBS. The official fanclub B'z Party is also looking for fanclub members to join the audience for this show.

It is really interesting to see that B'z is back to making television appearances! Perhaps we can expect more in the future?

B’z To Perform At Music Station Super Live 2014 On Dec 26th

Posted on December 5, 2014 by Tobias in News

superlive2014_logoWord just got out that B'z is going to perform at the Music Station Super Live 2014 on December 26th! We don't know which song(s) they are going to perform, but perhaps we are going to see the first televised performance of their new single「Uchouten」?! We will provide you with details once the show has aired!

New Album「EPIC DAY」Coming Soon & LIVE-GYM 2015 Tour Title!

Posted on December 2, 2014 by Tobias in News

titleIn addition to their new single, B'z has also announced that their new album「EPIC DAY」is coming soon!! We can only guess that we are probably looking at a February release date! Furthermore, 「Exit To The Sun」and「NO EXCUSE」will most definitely be featured on the album, too!

The title for the upcoming LIVE-GYM tour to coincide with the new album has also been revealed: LIVE-GYM 2015 -EPIC NIGHT-!


March 11th — Harmonie Cinq Kitakyushu Soleil Hall (Fukuoka)
March 13th — Iki Bunka Hall (Nagasaki)
March 21st — Sundome Fukui
March 22nd — Sundome Fukui
March 28th — Miyagi Sekisuiheim Super Arena
March 29th — Miyagi Sekisuiheim Super Arena
April 2nd — Yokohama Arena
April 4th — Yokohama Arena
April 5th — Yokohama Arena
April 11th — Shizuoka Ecopa Arena
Apill 12th — Shizuoka Ecopa Arena
April 17th — Hiroshima Green Arena
April 18th — Hiroshima Green Arena
April 22nd — Asty Tokushima
April 23rd — Asty Tokushima
April 28th — Toki Messe Niigata Convention Center
April 29th — Toki Messe Niigata Convention Center
May 2nd — Kushiro Cultural City Hall Big Hall (Hokkaido)
May 4th — Obihiro Cultural City Hall Big Hall (Hokkaido)
May 6th — Iwamizawa Cultural City Hall Big Hall (Hokkaido)
May 9th — Hokkaido Prefectural Sports Center
May 10th — Hokkaido Prefectural Sports Center
May 14th — Kochi Prefectural Culture Hall Orange Hall
May 16th — Horuto Hall Oita
May 19th — Amami Bunka Center (Kagoshima)
May 23rd — Okinawa Convention Center
May 24th — Okinawa Convention Center

B’z New Single「Uchouten」1/14 Out!!

Posted on December 2, 2014 by Tobias in News

The hype has arrived! First bits from the morning newspaper just got in! B'z is going to release their 51st single「Uchouten」on January 14th, 2015! The song is going to be featured in Nihon TV's upcoming drama "Gakkou no Kaidan", which is set to air in January. Additionally, the new single comes with Endless Summer as the B-side!!


NEW SINGLE「Uchouten」

1. Uchouten
2. Endless Summer

Release: 2015.01.14

Price(tax not included!): 1,900 Yen (CD+DVD), 1000 Yen(CD)

The new single comes in two versions: CD and CD+DVD. Now guess what: The bonus DVD contains 9 songs from last year's「B'z SPECIAL LIVE」at the EX THEATER ROPPONGI! Here's the tracklist in detail:

1. Kuroi Seishun
2. Yasei no ENERGY
3. Konya Tsuki no Mieru Oka ni
5. Yami no Ame
7. Ichibu to Zenbu
8. Nagai Ai

Pre-order bonus
Pre-order the CD in store (not online) in Japan and get a B2 size original poster as a present!
Pre-order the CD online and get an original alternate cover design as a present!

New Song「Uchouten」Revealed — Possibly New Single?!

Posted on December 2, 2014 by Tobias in News

It's just 30 minutes past midnight, and B'z quietly updated their official website to feature a flash popup playing a new song, Uchouten (有頂天 / Ecstasy)! It's a hard-rock tune that very well might be our long awaited 51st single! Check it out by heading over to http://www.bz-vermillion.com!

We suspect that we will get more information in the morning, in just about 6 hours! Stay tuned!