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Message from Tak Matsumoto Commemorating enigma Release

Posted on April 6, 2016
Tak Matsumoto News

Tak Matsumoto’s eleventh solo studio album 「enigma」 has officially been released today. To commemorate its release, Tak has released a message for his fans. Furthermore, 「enigma」 made its debut on the daily Oricon charts on no.3, having sold 10,006 copies on the day prior to official release.


Tak Matsumoto inviting 300 lucky guests for special show

Posted on March 31, 2016
Tak Matsumoto News

Details regarding the special campaign for Tak Matsumoto’s upcoming solo album 「enigma」 have been revealed. A show dubbed “Tak Matsumoto Special Live” will take place amidst his solo tour on May 2nd. The show takes place at “Mt.RAINIER HALL SHIBUYA PLEASURE PLEASURE” in Tokyo. People who buy his new album will find a special code within the package that allows them to enter a lottery for tickets for the special show.

Instructions on how to apply are written on the card that comes with the code. Application deadline is April 11th, so make sure you get your copy in time.

“#1090 ~Million Dreams~” Becomes New Music Station Theme

Posted on
Tak Matsumoto News

Tak Matsumoto Enigma BannerDuring last week’s Music Station 3 hour special, it was revealed that Tak Matsumoto’s 「#1090 ~Thousand Dreams~」 will be replaced by his reworked version 「#1090 ~Million Dreams~」as the show’s theme. The latter song is also included in Tak’s upcoming album 「enigma」 as a bonus track.

While Tak’s new version of #1090 was played for the first time, a written comment by Tak himself was also read out. The comment read “I’m thankful and at the same time proud as a musician, that this track has served as the theme song for such a long time. This song was known for ‘Music Station’, and I believe a lot of people don’t know that this song has been made by me. 「#1090 ~Million Dreams~」 is a newly reworked version of this very song. Working on a track that the me from 24 years ago wrote was a very fun experience. I think it’s a great mix of a young person’s vigor and an adult’s laid-back kind of atmosphere. Sound-wise, the track has also improved quite a lot, which prompted me to rename the track from “~Thousand Dreams~” to “~Million Dreams~”. I am very satisfied with the result. I would be very delighted if my track was used as the show’s theme in the future as well.

Tak Matsumoto enigma TV Commercial On Air

Posted on March 19, 2016
Tak Matsumoto News

The TV commercial for Tak’s upcoming solo album 「enigma」 has started airing from today. 「enigma」 is due for an April 6th release, with Tak’s solo tour 「Tak Matsumoto Tour 2016 -The Voyage-」 kicking off a week later, on April 16th. The commercial seen above features the songs 「Ups and Downs」 as well as a reworked version of one of Tak’s classics called 「#1090 ~Million Dreams~」.

Tak Matsumoto New Album enigma Coming April 6th

Posted on February 29, 2016
Tak Matsumoto News

takenigmarlsTak Matsumoto has at long last revealed details regarding his forthcoming album 「enigma」. Following the reveal of its title and its rough release date on WOWOW’s broadcast of this year’s Grammy Awards, the full details have been released today. 「enigma」 is Tak Matsumoto’s eleventh studio album and contains 14 original instrumental tracks. Additionally, a reworked version of the iconic 「#1090 ~Thousand Dreams~」 which served as the theme to TV Asahi’s 「Music Station」 for years is included as a bonus track, making up for 15 tracks in total.

Among the 14 included original tracks are the previously untitled main theme to TBS’ show「The WORLD Heritage」 titled 「Vermillion Palace」 as well as the previously untitled ending theme to the same show titled 「Mystic Journey」. Furthermore, the album includes the previously announced tie-in song 「Ups and Downs」 which serves as the theme to an upcoming Ukiyo-e exhibition in Tokyo.

The new album comes in two flavors: regular edition (CD only) or limited edition (CD+DVD or CD+Blu-ray). The limited edition includes the full live performance of the tour finale of Tak’s 2014 solo tour 「Tak Matsumoto LIVE 2014 -New Horizon-」 at the BLUE NOTE Tokyo. The performance is available in standard definition (DVD) as well as high-definition (Blu-ray).

A special campaign to tie in with the release of Tak’s new album is also planned and will be announced in the near future.

New Album 「enigma」 2016.04.06 release

Regular Edition: 2,800 yen / Limited Edition: 5,000 Yen


[Track list]

1. enigma
2. Vermillion Palace
3. Step to Heaven
4. Ups and Downs
5. Rock The Rock
6. Drifting
7. The Voyage
8. Hopes
9. Under The Sun
10. Dream Drive
11. The Rock Show
12. Roppongi Noise
13. Mystic Journey
14. enigma ~epilogue~
<Bonus Track>
15. #1090 ~Million Dreams~

CD & DVD / CD & Blu-ray Limited Edition:
Tak Matsumoto LIVE 2014 -New Horizon- at BLUE NOTE TOKYO

1. New Horizon
2. Take 5
4. Hana
5. Tokyo Night
6. Shattered Glass
7. Gakuseigai no Kissaten
8. Island of peace
9. That’s Cool
10. Tsuki no Akari
11. Reason to be…
13. #1090
14. The Moment
15. Rodeo Blues

Tak Matsumoto New Album enigma Coming in April!

Posted on February 16, 2016
Tak Matsumoto News

Tak Matsumoto Enigma Banner

Moments ago, Tak Matsumoto appeared as a guest during WOWOW’s live coverage of the 2016 Grammy Awards being held in Los Angeles tonight. Prior to the segment, Tak was shown meeting with Joe Perry of Aerosmith and actor-musician Johnny Depp. Along with fellow rocker Alice Cooper, Depp and Perry recently joined together to form the supergroup Hollywood Vampires for which they appeared on the program to promote.

Tak Matsumoto Johnny Depp Joe Perry 58th Grammy Awards

During Tak’s subsequent interview, the guitarist at last revealed more on his upcoming solo album that follows 2014’s New Horizon. The album’s title will be 「enigma」 and will be released at some point this April. Release details should be forthcoming in the very near future.

Tak Matsumoto Grammy WOWOW Appearance