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INABA/SALAS’s “OVERDRIVE” As Porsche Panamera Theme Song, “WABISABI” Clip Now Available

Posted on January 15, 2017
Koshi Inaba News

With the release of Koshi Inaba & Stevie Salas’s collaborative album CHUBBY GROOVE due out this week, the last of the promotional push is now getting underway. Foremost, the pair’s song “OVERDRIVE” is now serving as the theme to the new edition of Porsche’s Panamera as shown in the clip below:

Additionally, the duo have also made available a brief behind the scenes video with their song “WABISABI” as well:

INABA/SALAS “AISHI-AISARE” Music Video & Bonus Clips Out Now

Posted on January 6, 2017
Koshi Inaba News

A full video for one of the new Koshi Inaba & Stevie Salas collaborations has now been made available on the pair’s YouTube channel. The song “AISHI-AISARE” (Love, Be Loved) is set to be included on their album CHUBBY GROOVE, due for release on January 18, 2016. You can pre-order the album at the usual places: [YesAsia] [CDJapan] [Amazon Japan]. Their joint tour CHUBBY GROOVE TOUR 2017 kicks off January 25 and runs through a showing in Nagoya on February 20.

Additionally, another short music video for fellow album song 「Kunou no Hate no Sore mo Kotae no Hitotsu」 (What Lies At the End of Sorrow Is Also An Answer) has been uploaded and can be streamed below as well:


Posted on November 28, 2016
Koshi Inaba News

Today we get a first glimpse at Koshi Inaba’s and Stevie Salas’ collaborative project. A possible song from their yet-to-be-announced upcoming album was uploaded to the “Chubby Groove Official Channel” on YouTube. The track 「SAYONARA RIVER」 features a groovy tune, with Stevie Salas no doubt rocking the guitar. In the video, we can see Koshi and Stevie travel various parts in the U.S. (and possibly Japan) as they work on their record. Check it out below!

Full Music Video for Koshi’s “Suiro” Now Out

Posted on January 5, 2016
Koshi Inaba News

Today, a full music video for Koshi Inaba’s 「Suiro」, one of the four tracks on his upcoming single 「Hane」 due out next week, was uploaded to the official B’z YouTube channel. Due to region restrictions recently imposed as a result of YouTube RED’s implementation, we have mirrored the video here for all to see.

“RED” Short Version MV On Air & Promotion Start in Hiroshima

Posted on June 4, 2015

Tram in Hiroshima as seen from the street.

With under one week until the release of 「RED」, music channels have started airing the short version of the music video, which basically is the first half of the song. Furthermore, promotion for the new single has started in the streets of Hiroshima. Trams are decorated with posters advertising the new single.

Check out the short version of the music video below!


Inside the tram.


Inside the tram.

If you haven’t pre-ordered 「RED」 yet, you can do it HERE.

“Classmate” & “Kimi wo Ki ni Shinai Hi Nado” Short Version Music Videos Revealed

Posted on March 2, 2015

With the release of B’z new album 「EPIC DAY」 drawing near, the remaining two short version music videos for 「Classmate」 and 「Kimi wo Ki ni Shinai Hi Nado」 have been posted on B’z Official YouTube channel. Check them out!