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Tak Matsumoto’s Grammy Story

Posted on February 18, 2011
Tak Matsumoto News

I was so excited that I was not able to write up a proper article and ended up posting the videos instead. However, this is a huge success for Tak Matsumoto and I think it deserves a good, and thorough article. Also, it is a great opportunity to look back how it all started, and how Tak Matsumoto finally came to receive this outstanding award.

It is a rather lengthy article, so be sure to bring some time with you! 😛 Click read more to see the article!


Take Your Pick DVD Release Worldwide

Posted on February 17, 2011
Tak Matsumoto News

I don’t know why they didn’t release it before… I mean it has been out in Japan since October 27th, 2010, but oh well…
On Larry Carlton’s official website, they announced that because of winning the Grammy and all the excitement, they decided to set the release date of the DVD to tomorrow(February 18th)!
What’s funny, however, is that they say “See the GRAMMY WINNING album “Take Your Pick” performed live in Tokyo with a 12-camera high definition shoot!”. What is this all about?
I bought the DVD and it’s only in standard definition. Why did they not release a Blu-ray version although they shot it in high definition? A budget problem?

Well… I guess they want to jump on the bandwagon and expect great sales since Take Your Pick jumped to #1 in the iTunes charts in Japan after word got out that Carlton and Matsumoto had won the Grammy.
But that’s not all:
“According to the Shibuya store of Japan’s largest music and video rental chain store operation Tsutaya, all copies of Mr. Matsumoto’s newest album were sold or rented out by Tuesday morning. “Take Your Pick” also soared to fourth place on Amazon Japan’s best selling CD ranking, just behind – inevitably –all-conquering girl group AKB48’s latest album.”
(Taken from:

Anyway… if you haven’t bought the DVD yet… here’s your chance! And it’s cheaper, too. It’s only $25.99 opposed to 5250 Yen (roughly $50) in Japan.
You can order it via Larry Carlton’s web store:

And The Grammy Goes To…

Posted on February 14, 2011
Tak Matsumoto News

…watch for yourself!

The Grammy goes to Take Your Pick – Larry Carlton and Tak Matsumoto!! Congratulations!!

Larry and Tak At The Grammys

Posted on February 13, 2011
Tak Matsumoto News

Right now, the Pre-Telecast Ceremony is running and you can watch it live on Youtube:

Guess who I caught on the red carpet? Larry Carlton and Tak Matsumoto! Matsumoto seemed rather nervous.
Check out the video here:

Kimono For The Grammys

Posted on February 12, 2011
Tak Matsumoto News

One person, namely Kahori Yamagata, was entrusted with designing a kimono for the family members of a Japanese person who has been nominated for the Grammys. Who might that person be? Of course, everyone can figure from these pictures, that it has to be Tak Matsumoto. Any Tak fan would recognize this emblem. The kimono contains platinum features which makes it look really, really great.

One more day to go!!

Matsumoto Attending Grammys

Posted on February 9, 2011
Tak Matsumoto News

This week’s sunday might become a great day in his career. Whose career you might ask? Well of course we are talking about guitar virtuoso and B’z founder Tak Matsumoto. The album he created with Larry Carlton, entitled “TAKE YOUR PICK”, was previously nominated for the Grammys in the category “Best Pop Instrumental Album”.

Indications have surfaced on the internet that Tak Matsumoto will attend the Grammy Awards 2010 with his wife. According to a tweet by “Chiyo Hiraoka” (*Update: looks like the tweet was deleted by her) – a singer and songwriter – she picked a suitable head accessory for Tak Matsumoto’s wife for the occasion. Also, X JAPAN’s YOSHIKI stated in a recent report “Ah, I have to attend the Grammy Awards this weekend. I voted for Tak Matsumoto.”

I hope you are all looking forward to seeing Tak Matsumoto on sunday! I personally am going to watch it on TV and will update you as soon as there is news about Tak Matsumoto. Also, I might get to record the show, should there be a speech.

Best of luck to Mr. Matsumoto and Mr. Carlton!