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SHOWCASE 2009 -B’z In Your Town- Set List

Posted on July 20, 2009

First day of the SHOWCASE 2009 tour is over, and here we have the set list for Kurume City after the break. A new song has been performed in the ENCORE part.


B’z Comment on Ichibu to Zenbu (Translated)

Posted on July 15, 2009

Hours before the new drama for which B’z does the theme, Buzzer Beat, premiered, a special covering various aspects of it was aired. Near the end of it, a segment was shown with Tak and Koshi commenting on the production and feel of Ichibu to Zenbu–along with a clip of the PV of significant length (which also includes the solo).

B’z SHOWCASE 2009 -B’z IN YOUR TOWN- Schedule

Posted on July 14, 2009

As of today, the long rumored “B’z SHOWCASE 2009” has finally been announced. This, once again, seems to indicate a release of an album by the end of the year or early next year. B’z will clearly not do a LIVE-GYM this year. Don’t get your hopes up, boys.

B’z SHOWCASE 2009 -B’z IN YOUR TOWN- will start July 20 and will go through until August 5. You’re gonna have to pay 8000 Yen for an “A-Seat” ticket, 9000 Yen for a “S-Seat” ticket and 12000 Yen for a “SS-Seat” ticket. Schedule after the break.


Martin Fougerol Directing “Ichibu to Zenbu” PV (DIVE as well?)

Posted on July 9, 2009

Digging in a few japanese blogs, I found out that apparently while the PV was aired on Mezamashi TV in the morning, it was mentioned that Martin Fougerol, who is well-known for directing music videos for bands such as U2, is directing the “Ichibu to Zenbu” PV(Promotional Video/Music Video). Martin Fougerol also directed the PV for SUPER LOVE SONG, which was released in 2007.The PV itself is shot in Los Angeles, but we do not know if this is true for “DIVE” also.

Hopefully we will get to see the full version soon. Oh, you can catch a glimpse of both PVs here(It’s the same video shown on the official website):

New Song “PRAY” Announced as Movie Theme

Posted on July 6, 2009

It was announced on the official site earlier today that B’z will be supplying the theme to a new theatrical release in Japan, with their song “PRAY.” The movie entitled “TAJOMARU” stars Oguri Shun in the lead role and is due out in mid-September.

As you may know, PRAY isn’t scheduled for release on the upcoming single Ichibu to Zenbu/DIVE (due out in August) as even a B-side and wasn’t announced as a single, which has lead Japanese fans to speculate it’s from a forthcoming album. How soon that album will arrive is anyone’s guess, but we can always be hopeful it’ll arrive in time for the holidays. Nonetheless, there’s a small sample of the song and movie after the break.