Koshi Inaba Scores Fifth Consecutive No.1 Single with 「Hane」

Posted on January 22, 2016 by Jd- in Koshi Inaba News

Oricon—Japan's leading music sales tracking service—has announced that Koshi Inaba's latest solo single 「Hane」 has debuted at the top of the charts with 88,000 physical copies sold. This is his fifth consecutive single to do so as a solo artist, following 1998's「Tooku Made」, 2003's 「KI」, 2004's 「Wonderland」, and 2010's 「Okay」.

Currently, Koshi is on tour as part of Koshi Inaba LIVE 2016 ~enIII~ with dates planned through a March 6th finale at the Nippon Budokan. You can expect to see more video coverage of Koshi's recent activities on this website, along with translations of recent interviews he has given to the press, in the coming days.

「Tak Matsumoto Tour 2016 -The Voyage-」 Promo Video

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An update to the official B'z website today brings a promotional teaser video of Tak Matsumoto's upcoming solo tour「Tak Matsumoto Tour 2016 -The Voyage-」which will see him playing large venues such as Osaka Jo Hall and Nippon Budokan for the first time as a solo artist. The nationwide tour is to be held at five venues beginning in mid April and ending with a finale on May 7th.

Tak will be joined on the tour by drummer Jason Sutter, who has previously toured with Foreigner, Chris Cornell, and Smash Mouth. Colleague and friend Masayoshi Yamashita of fellow Japanese rock act LOUDNESS will be appearing on bass, while frequent B'z backing guitarist Yoshinobu Ohga and keyboardist Akira Onozuka round out the remaining support members.

「Koshi Inaba LIVE 2016 ~en III~」 Kicks Off in Yamanashi

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koshien3_1Following his appearance on All Night Nippon Gold yesterday, Koshi Inaba has kicked off his latest rendition of the en-series of tours today. The show at the i-Messe Yamanashi spanned 22 songs, which included all songs from his new single 「Hane」. Koshi Inaba's tour runs until March 6th where he will perform at the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo.

We have the set list for this show right here for you. For further set list updates, please refer to the B'z Wiki article on the latest tour.


「Koshi Inaba」 x 「Danshun Tatekawa」 Special Conversation

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Given his recent interest in Rakugo, Koshi Inaba sat down with famous Rakugoka Danshun Tatekawa to talk about the art of Rakugo. Danshun Tatekawa is also known for his recent role in the TBS hit drama 「Shitamachi Rocket」, for those that are not familiar with Rakugo. The video is available directly on YouTube and has also been posted on Koshi Inaba's website as part of his series of conversation videos.

[Retrospective] 2006 — Rebooting the LIVE-GYM, “Shoudou”, “Yuruginai Mono Hitotsu”, “SPLASH!” and MONSTER

Posted on January 12, 2016 by Jd- in Retrospectives

All sample videos contained in this article are publicly sourced and are reproduced here only for accessibility.

With the dawn of the new year came word that B'z The Best "Pleasure II" had already sold over one million copies since its release at the end of November 2005. The band would soon begin a new chapter in its live shows, with the addition of several new staff members behind the scenes in order to push the band into a new era with as fresh a perspective as possible.

On January 25, the band would release its fortieth single, "Shoudou". Shortly before it made its way to shelves, the title song began serving as the opening theme to the Detective Conan anime series. B'z would make a great deal of television appearances in the year 2006, beginning with a performance of their then most recent single on MUSIC FIGHTER five days prior to its release. A couple of weeks later, the B-side "Kesshou" would be performed on Utawara HOT Hit 10. Aside from this appearance, the song has never been played live. Upon release, the single ranked at number one and became the band's thirty-sixth consecutive to do so.

The year would prove to be one in which B'z were frequently requested to utilize their prowess for the benefit of younger artists. In March, the single "Real Face" by Japanese pop group KAT-TUN, for which Tak Matsumoto wrote the music, was released. The single would go on to sell over one million copies the year of its release and would be the highest seller of the year. An album titled Best of KAT-TUN released the same month featured a rock-centric reversion of the song titled "Real Face #1", for which the arrangement was also credited to Tak and longtime B'z support member Akihito Tokunaga.

「Hane」 Release Message

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Koshi Inaba has as usual released a message for his fans to commemorate the release of his new single 「Hane」. Check it out!


Koshi Inaba Hosting 「All Night Nippon GOLD」 Radio Show 1/15

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Koshi Inaba has announced that he will make an appearance as a radio personality on the weekly 「All Night Nippon GOLD」 radio show. He will moderate the show on January 15th and will talk about his new single 「Hane」 as well as his solo projects in general. Musicians who call themselves "Koshi fans" will make comments on the show! In addition, they have a special "entertainment project" planned, that hasn't been done before. The show is expected to run a full two hours.

Koshi Inaba on 「SMAP x SMAP」 For The First Time

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News just broke on Fuji TV's morning news program 「Mezamashi TV」 that Koshi Inaba will for the first time be guest on 「SMAP x SMAP」. Koshi will make an appearance during the 「SMAP x SMAP」 special scheduled to air next week Monday January 11th, 2016. Koshi will be interviewed and also perform his new single 「Hane」 live on stage together with the members of SMAP. This also marks the first time Koshi Inaba perfoming solo with another artist on stage.

Check out the news clip below.

Japanese Magazine PLAYER “2015 Readers’ Poll”

Posted on January 5, 2016 by Tobias in B'z News

Japanese music magazine PLAYER has published its annual readers' poll in the latest issue. Check out the ratings below.

Category "Best Artist": B'z ranked 2nd
Category "Best New Album": EPIC DAY ranked 2nd
Category "Best Live Performance": B'z ranked 2nd
Catagory "Best Vocalist": Koshi Inaba ranked 1st
Category "Best Guitarist": Tak Matsumoto ranked 1st
Category "Best Drummer": Shane Gaalaas ranked 6th
Category "Best Bassist": Barry Sparks ranked 12th

Full Music Video for Koshi’s「Suiro」 Now Out

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Today, a full music video for Koshi Inaba's 「Suiro」, one of the four tracks on his upcoming single 「Hane」 due out next week, was uploaded to the official B'z YouTube channel. Due to region restrictions recently imposed as a result of YouTube RED's implementation, we have mirrored the video here for all to see.