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Young Guitar Slash & Tak Talk Summary

Posted on January 29, 2015
Tak Matsumoto and Slash on the cover of the February issue of「Young Guitar」

Tak Matsumoto and Slash on the cover of the February issue of「Young Guitar」

The February 2015 issue (released January 10th) of Young Guitar magazine features Tak Matsumoto and Slash together in the cover story and this is our write-up. The article begins by explaining that Tak and Slash have a lot in common: They have their own Gibson Signature Models, they have each won a Grammy Award, they’ve both released a slew of #1 albums—so it was about time that the two sat down for a proper talk. As it turns out, they have even more in common!

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Tak Matsumoto & Slash On Young Guitar Cover & Special Feature

Posted on January 1, 2015
Tak Matsumoto News
Tak Matsumoto and Slash on the cover of the February issue of「Young Guitar」

Tak Matsumoto and Slash on the cover of the February issue of「Young Guitar」

With the beginning of the new year, it has been revealed that the February issue (out January 10th) of the Japanese guitar magazine「Young Guitar」will feature Tak Matsumoto and Slash together on the cover. The special issue for the new year includes a special talk session with both guitarists! You can order the magazine at CDJapan right here:
Don’t trust the cover displayed there, it’s a placeholder as they haven’t updated the page yet!

We will post about it as soon as we get ours!

SLASH’s Self-Titled Solo Album SLASH Hitting Stores 3/31 in Japan*Updated*

Posted on February 10, 2010
Koshi Inaba News

SLASH’s self-titled solo album “SLASH” is going to be released in Japan on March 31st, 2010. Yes, that’s right, it’s going to be released before the rest of the world gets it in April. The Japanese album contains SAHARA featuring Koshi Inaba as the last track. Price will be 3600 Yen for the deluxe edition (CD+DVD) and the regular edition will be 2500 Yen.

However, there will be also an English version of SAHARA available on international iTunes as soon as the album is released. We have yet to know if Koshi Inaba is involved in the English version as well.

Check out the tracklist for the Japanese version below. (The international version does not feature SAHARA as the 14th track)

Update: There are going to be releases for different regions which contains a track where Slash is collaborating with a local artist from that area. Furthermore, there are talks about releasing an international version of the album which features all regional exclusive tracks. A release date has yet to be announced.

SLASH cover
01. Ghost (Ian Astbury)
02. Crucify The Dead (Ozzy Osbourne)
03. Beautiful Dangerous (Fergie)
04. Promise (Chris Cornell)
05. By The Sword (Andrew Stockdale of Wolfmother)
06. Gotten (Adam Levine)
07. Doctor Alibi (Lemmy Kilmeister)
08. Watch This (Dave Grohl/Duff McKagan)
09. I Hold On (Kid Rock)
10. Nothing To Say (M Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold)
11. Starlight (Myles Kennedy)
12. Saint Is A Sinner Too (Rocco De Luca)
13. We’re All Gonna Die (Iggy Pop)
14. SAHARA (Koshi Inaba)

English “SAHARA” Coming?

Posted on December 18, 2009
Koshi Inaba News

The positive reception to SAHARA may lead to another edition. As per Slash’s Twitter account:

Hey, thanks for all the compliments on “Sahara,” we might have an english version on the album.

Slash’s solo album isn’t set for release until next year, but he had previously noted that SAHARA would be a Japan exclusive. The potential English version may not feature vocals by Koshi, however–we’ll keep you posted as it develops. Fingers crossed!

Slash Interview on Koshi & SAHARA

Posted on November 2, 2009
Koshi Inaba News

Just the other day, and with the release of his first solo single impending, Slash did a TV interview to promote it. Given that it was for a Japanese story, the focus was obviously on his collaboration with Koshi and how it went and came about. Running at just under three minutes, it’s nice to see more and more Western artists taking notice of Tak & Koshi’s work.

You can view the interview in full here on YouTube.

Update(11/8/2009): The video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by the TV channel, so I’ve put it right up on our servers for you to enjoy.

As was noted before, look forward to SAHARA’s release on November 11th as a Japan-exclusive single (which shouldn’t stop you from importing it, of course!).

Koshi Inaba Participating in Slash’s Solo Album!

Posted on September 29, 2009
Koshi Inaba News

Slash, former guitarist of the famous band Guns N’ Roses, has announced that he has been working with Koshi Inaba on a collaboration track, which will be featured on his new solo album slated for a February 2010 release. The track is called “SAHARA”.

Koshi Inaba and Slash: Buddies

Prior to the release of the album, a single will be released exclusively in Japan on November 11th. It will feature the track “SAHARA” featuring Koshi Inaba and a second track called “Paradise City” which features Fergie from Black Eyed Peas as well as the hip hop group Cypress Hill.

As I have no idea how famous Slash is in Japan, I think that the single is released to make him known in Japan, especially now that Koshi Inaba is featured on one track, a lot of die-hard fans of B’z will order that single.

CD Details

  • Name: SAHARA~Feat. Koshi Inaba / Paradise City~Feat. Fergie & Cypress Hill
  • Type: Single
  • Number of Tracks: 2
  • Release: November 11th, 2009
  • Price: 1200 Yen (tax excl./$10/8€)

Preorder at CDJapan