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Tak and Koshi Solo Confirmed

Posted on March 29, 2010

As of today, it’s completely official: Tak and Koshi have been working on solo projects.

Tak Matsumoto’s Solo Project

As previously reported, Larry Carlton is working on a new album with Tak. According to B’z Official Website, the album is due for June 2010 along with a tour! And here’s the thing, the album will probably be available internationally!

Koshi Inaba’s Solo Project

Not so much is known about Koshi Inaba’s solo project, not even a release date! However the song we reported about is called “Kono Te wo Totte Hashiri Dashite” (Take this hand and run), it will be the theme song for the renewed news show “NEWS 23X” on TBS. Tour has been planned, too.

Now, I know you all hate the small videos on the B’z website… well, I took the time and upsized them a bit… Look who’s in the Koshi video! Shane and Stevie Salas! If anyone knows the other guy there, let me know in the comments!

Koshi Video:

Tak Video:

McSwain Guitar Tak Matsumoto Model

Posted on March 28, 2010
Tak Matsumoto News

So, wow, I just spotted this on a Japanese blog. The guitar looks pretty amazing. It’s named “TAK’S MACHINE #0005”.
Well, if you look at the pictures, it’s only obvious, that it’s called “a machine”.

Tak Matsumoto of B’z (one of the greatest Japanese rock bands in history) and Stephen met in March of 2009 in Los Angeles. Tak visited the shop and decided that he wanted to play McSwain guitars. He and McSwain designed a smaller version of the original McSwain body shape for the guitars Tak ordered. This is what is now affectionately referred to as the “McSwain Jr.” Domo Arigato Tak-san!!!! See you in Tokyo!

Via: McSwain Guitars – Tak Matsumoto

Larry Carlton + Tak Matsumoto = New Album!

Posted on March 28, 2010
Tak Matsumoto News

Apparently this has been around for some time, and it has not been officially announced yet, however, we do have a source to confirm it: WBA Entertainment Inc.

For those who don’t know Larry Carlton, he’s an American jazz fusion, pop, rock guitarist and a singer. Throughout his career he’s earned 3 Grammy awards for his works.

And here’s what they write in the announcement:

Larry Carlton & Tak Matsumoto

Recording a new album together in September 2009

Touring together in 2010 & 2011

Carlton’s melodic  yet  aggressive  approach  to writing  and  playing  on  this  CD blended with Tak’s proven ability  to write and perform Hit  songs make  for a unique Guitar experience.  Drawing upon their knowledge and different music backgrounds  Larry  &  Tak  have  forged  Eastern  and Western  guitar  styles  to create a truly magical and unique album unlike any other. The best of East and West!


Now, in February 2010 Larry Carlton announced, that the projects with Robben Ford, with Keb Mo, with Tak Matsumoto and his album honoring Gamble & Huff’s Sounds of Philadelphia (T.S.O.P) are already completed or in their final stages of completion.

Press release here:

Last but not least, here’s a performance by Larry Carlton:

Site Design Revamped

Posted on March 27, 2010
Site News

Hey folks,

as you probably have noticed, the overall look of the design has changed.
This design, however, is not completely done yet. It’s an early alpha version of the final site.

But I would like to get your thoughts/ideas on the new design! So, if you have any ideas or suggestions on what to change, etc. feel free to comment and share your opinion with us!

Things that have yet to be done:

  • Adjust styling so it gets properly displayed in Internet Explorer (lol)
  • Style the Sidebar
  • New footer (current one is not very nice)
  • Custom comments display
  • Banner: Feel free to create your own custom one! I’d love to add it if it’s good! Dimensions are 998×123 pixel
  • Language bar in the top right of the banner (Yes, there’s going to be localized versions of OFF THE LOCK)

Things that I will be working on in the future:

  • Tak and Koshi Profile / B’z Profile
  • B’z Database

And also, if you encounter any errors, please let me know!

First New Supposed Koshi Solo Song on TV

Posted on March 18, 2010
Koshi Inaba News

This has been caught on TV today, advertising a remade “News 23 Cross” news show. Listen to the song in the background. It’s Koshi Inaba, isn’t it?

I guess all that’s left to see is an official announcement?

B’z LIVE-GYM 2010 “Ain’t No Magic” on DVD and Blu-Ray

Posted on March 7, 2010

Right after the tour is over, B’z official website got updated to show a new opening video stating that the live video will hit in both DVD and Blu-Ray (Yes, that’s high-definition B’z!!) flavors soon.

Expect more details in the future.